After having a bit of rough week, an invitation to join my friends for a night in Bristol was exactly what was needed.

Bristol is a City I’d never visited prior, so the whole visit was full of first impressions and relishing in the unfamiliarity of it all.

I have to say, I expected Bristol to be busier than what we found, however this was a pleasant surprise for me. You were constantly surrounded by people, and there was certainly not a lack of traffic, but I didn’t find myself being suffocated by the mass of people, even during rush hour, there was no sense of need to rush like you often find in Cities.

We arrived in the City at 6pm, after checking into our rooms at our chosen Hotel, and enjoying the leisure facilities (I was pretty smitten with the steam room and pool), we got ready to go grab some dinner.

Bristol at night is beautiful. We made our way round to the harbour side after eating, the waterfront was pretty damn impressive. We had a few drinks at ‘Stable Pizza’, heads up, they do the best cider I’ve ever tasted here.. By far! After admiring the views, and our drinks had been drunk, we headed back to the Hotel.

I started the following day by spending the morning in the spa, a pretty damn good beginning to the day if you ask me.

We checked out of our Hotel and went to grab breakfast from Pret. We then ventured around the City and explored the cobbled streets, market stalls, and hidden vinyl shops. We spent the majority of the rest of the day beside the water, after grabbing a drink with my friend’s family. We paddled in the water features and lounged in deck chairs watching Wimbledon on the big screen.

Exploring the magic of Bristol, and it’s gentle charm was a pleasure. The grande architecture within Bristol allows you to create a sense of the history behind the Nobel British City.

I fell in love with Bristol, Big time!


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