Spontaneous trips are often the best –

Late one Tuesday night I sat with a friend, wanderlusting, both with a few days ahead of us with an empty schedule, so it only seemed right that we confirmed our hotel booking and set off to Shropshire the following morning.

I’d passed through Shrewsbury a silly amount of times yet never stopped to explore, so it only seemed fair that we gave this quaint town a little of our time to roam the streets and walk beside the river.

We began our short stay here by sipping peppermint tea and coffee in the restaurant below our hotel room ( – fell in love with our room big time!)
I’m a big fan of interior and this place hit the spot just right; think dimmed lights, copper lamps, oversized arm chairs, scattered cushions, exposed wooden beams, featured brick walls, lit candles and window panes decorated with a selection of plants and interesting reads – top notch!
I could have spent hours chatting and drinking tea here, but the shops were calling.

Now, if we’d have actually wanted to go on a shopping spree, Shrewsbury is of course not the place to go, so we browsed a couple of boutiquey shops and grabbed a bite to eat.
Shrewsbury is situated on the River Severn, so we took a stroll by the riverside and grabbed a drink in the Pour House whilst waiting for the well-timed downpour of rain to give over before heading back to our room and heading downstairs for dinner and a few drinks..

(Heads up, if you’re planning on going drinking on a weekday in Shrewsbury, perhaps think again!)

The following day – after checking out of our hotel and making the most of the bath tub (3 bath’s in 15 hours, good going Beth!) we continued to stroll the streets and followed the river down until we met countryside and went for a short walk before grabbing some brunch and heading to catch our train home.

It was inevitable that I was going to love Shrewsbury, with it’s medieval street plan, Tudor architecture, quaint cafe’s and perfect location, it’s humble and understated yet still keeping its class!


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