The Best Day


Do you ever have days that just feel completely full?

Day’s where your mood is so sky high and you’re totally head over heels in love with life,
Day’s where you could not ask for any better,
Day’s where you feel overwhelmed with joy,
Day’s where you feel so intoxicated on life that you swear you’re drunk,
Day’s where you feel like “Ah, so this is life, this is living – this is what it’s all about”
Day’s where you go to bed so full of gratitude that you feel like you could live on cloud 9 and dance with leprechaun’s while healing the sick?

Well, I sure do, and this day was one of them days.


That’s not to say there weren’t moments that weren’t all magic. In fact there was a moment where I was a complete spoilt bitch and went off on a strop purely because I forgot my camera battery (lesson learnt – I left it charging back at home, oops!) Looking back, there are always things that can be slightly improved and altered.
But, regardless, it was perfect.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt this year, it’s my altered definition of perfection. I now consider perfection to be what is perfect within that moment rather than what is ultimately perfect. Perfection is subjective and needn’t be believed to hold the same value to any one else. I always had the concept of perfection to be that something must be always ideal – to hold textbook like qualities, more objective. However someone I know, once questioned this perception, and I now see perfection to be perfect purely because of it’s individuality.


For example, a sunset can be deemed as perfect each day, regardless of the fact that it alters and doesn’t hold perfect symmetrical characteristics. The fact that it possesses warmer tones one evening than the following, or the sky is clear of clouds one sunset compared to the next, does not dispute it’s perfection, it does not lack wonder, but adds to it.

You can never get a sunset like the last one you witnessed, how incredible is that!? That to me, is perfection.


Anyway, back from my tangent. Day’s like this make me feel alive – I lived in the moment, felt everything to it’s optimum, it was a raw day. We hiked to a lagoon, swam in the bluest and coldest of waters, watched the sun begin to set as we huddled in the dunes, watched the remnants of the sun desert into the horizon of the ocean, drank tea, ate burgers, laughed, read, spent it with good company, it was good, really good.

These are the days that I love about life, the day’s I soak everything in and feel totally overwhelmed at the beauty of our Planet.

These are them kinda memories you wanna fill jars up with and reminisce about when you’re old and wrinkly and your boobs sag.

These are the day’s.


Have a beautiful Day!



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