Results Day

So, yesterday was A Level Result’s Day.

It didn’t go particularly badly, neither did it go particularly well either. Kinda, very mediocre – I don’t deal with mediocre well.

My grades were average… They’re manageable and I could have got into Uni with them, yet I still feel cheated.

Do you ever feel like you’ve put a hell of a lot in and not got what you deserve out? Well, that’s how I currently feel. I worked damned hard, yet still didn’t get the results I wanted. But life goes on, onwards and upwards. I’ll learn from this, there’s a lesson to be learnt from every situation.

I think one phrase that I’ve been reminded of during this is that ‘comparison is the thief of joy’, I’ve found myself comparing myself to everyone around me – their effort, their results, and it’s done nothing but make me feel like shit. Focusing on yourself, your efforts, is the only way forward..

Exam results do not define you. 
Read that enough to let that be installed within you.
I’ve had to.

A friend of mine recently told me that success is something that is created by yourself. It’s personal, go and give success a definition of your own.

We are created of so much more than just grades. To let a mark dictate your success or value as a person is ridiculous. I’m aware that I possess so many incredible qualities that have no association with whether I got an A, or a D, and so do you!

So, if you’ve recently received your results, and they weren’t what you expected, it’s okay. Everything happens for a reason, just keep waiting and working, they are only grades, there are always other alternatives. Otherwise, if your results were great – congratulations!

I’m giving myself a couple of days to let myself feel it all, embrace and accept what is. Then that’s enough, time to move on, bigger and better things are coming my way. I’m free for a year (I’ve taken a year out, before University), I’m ready to live in uncertainty..

Have a lovely day,
Beth x


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