‘A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.’

I think we’re all guilty of comparing ourselves to others – whether that be a physical/aesthetic comparison, a materialistic comparison or a mental comparison, we’ve all done it ..

When comparing myself to another I often catch myself in the process and call myself out, it’s unhealthy .. I’ve been calling myself out on it more often lately, I refuse to let it become a habit. Years back I used to subconsciously compare myself to others on the daily – particularly visually, since then I’ve realised how toxic comparison can be.

‘Comparison is the thief of Joy.’

I’m generally a confident person, I know my worth, I know my strengths.. And weaknesses for that matter. Yet that’s not to say that I don’t experience day’s where I’m lacking self-assurance or phases where my perspective of myself is slightly tainted and I find myself both in my personal life and via social media platforms measuring my self to another.

We’re all equal.
I don’t give a shit how much Alan Sugar is worth, or the pedestal that Beyonce is put on – you cut; you bleed, we’re all human, all worthy of equality.

We tend to be more critical of ourselves than any friend, family, or outsider. Without getting crazy cringey, I think self-love is crucial, without that core value, how can we ever expect to create our best self’s, kindness is vital, especially to yourself – it’s critical for self growth. I’ve found that when I’m totally balanced, when I’m loving myself to pieces, when I’m grounded and aware of my self-worth and full of self-assurance, the act of comparing happens on the rarity, so this is what I aim for!

I’m learning about myself daily, like the rest of us.
No matter how often it’s said or repeated, knowing that you live this life once, it’s fragile and therefore you need to live this life for yourself is crucial. You have yourself, forever, so why measure yourself up to any other? Where does it truly get you?

Be kind!
Beth x


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