It’s the First of September.

The beginning of a fresh month again, they come around so quickly!

I like September, the golden evening’s, the dusk walks, in the past it also signified the start of a new academic year, having a similar feel to it as of January – full of potential.

However, I also feel as though September has a kind of nostalgic feel about it. The transition month between Summer and Autumn, the nights begin to draw in, the air becomes cool, leaves become crisper and tinged with auburn. You can no longer ignore the fact that Summer has been and gone, we’re left with only the memories of this years sunshine, bikinis are packed away and jumpers pulled out.

There’s something particularly special about Autumn, but Summer will forever be my favourite, I refuse to accept that it is over quite just yet, but gosh will I miss days spent at the beach and sunny road trips along the coast. This year’s Summer has certainly been up there!

September, I welcome you, let’s see what this month has to hold..

Beth x


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