It’s that time of year again.

The mad rush before Christmas.
The fairy lights strung over banisters, Christmas trees stood proudly in the hall, The Pogues on the radio, far too many chocolate’s consumed, hats pulled over cold ears and scarves tightly wrapped around necks, stalls of markets are browsed and mugs of mulled wine are served at the plenty.

Quite frankly, it truly is the season of joy, of family and giving, it’s allll about the love!

Despite craving the sunshine and warm sunny days. God almighty do I love Christmas, living in a family with younger siblings, over the past few years I’ve had an insight into the backstages of the big day.. the frantic wrapping, the present hunting, the stress. But if we take it back to it’s core, the simplicity and true values of Christmas, the whole feeling of the festive season, it can’t really be beaten.

We’re so very blessed in many ways.

Merry Christmas!

Beth x


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