The Importance of Interaction

I was browsing through my photo’s on my phone and came across an old photo of an elderly man who I met whilst in the waiting room of the emergency Doctor’s last Summer.

I never caught the name of the man, but for over an hour he spoke of his life – little stories of himself and his loved ones. He pulled out a pack of cards from his coat pocket and began playing card tricks with us, he was an enthusiastic man to say the least.

All he did was give us a little of his time, he interacted and communicated with us. Distracted us from the 3 hour bore of a wait. Distracted the young man next to me from the excruciating pain in his head, and the lady in front from the burning sensation in her hand. I think we vastly underestimate the importance of interaction!

As humans, we’re created to live a life surrounded by others, in a community or ‘tribe’, not a solitary life. I find something deeply satisfying about being around other’s and conversing, whether that be with stranger’s or people I’m close to. Having an insight into somebody’s life is wonderful in the sense that you’re being given the chance to understand a few pages or chapter of their life story, how beautiful!

So, go smile at the guy in the street or pull silly faces at the baby in the pram, go chat with the waitress at your local cafe.

Interaction is something that we should treasure and value greatly, we’re surrounded by individual people with unique memories, keep your heart open and your mind always keen to learn!


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