Jammy git, second holiday in a month.
Ollie booked another holiday whilst away in Greece, super cheap and cheerful, but no complaints! I'd been to Fuerteventura twice before but never in July, the weather was beautiful come midday but a little overcast in the morning and had periods of being windy as hell .. couldn't lay the beach towel down and face covered in sand kinda windy. But we had the best time!
We spent the afternoon of one of the days (we just went for 4 days this time) on a catamaran and ah was it bliss. The sun was SO hot, we nabbed or places on the nets at the front of the boat so had the best seats and top views of the coast. We anchored up near what seemed to be a tiny old fishing village and went for a dip in the ocean, grabbed some snorkel goggles (the seabed was so flat!!) and had a go on a jet ski! It was my first time on a jet ski and it was sooo much fun, with me being little we were lucky and they let me and Ol on together (perks of being small) we finished off with some lunch on the boat and then headed back to Caleta De Fuste riding the waves and getting covered in sea spray.
With it just being a small break we generally spent most days on the beach, in the ocean, wandering the area and drinking cocktails in the evening at a little beach shack restaurant.
Wales shall be our next home for the time being, we're certainly not being treated to quite the same weather but hey, no complaints!


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