Am I the most inconsistent person in the world at posting? Yes.

It’s been months since the last time I posted and a bunch has happened .. I spent the Summer bumming around in Wales – a month of living out of my car, camping, caravanning, and spending a few nights with Ollie’s family at the cottage in Abersoch. The result being that my car looked like a luggage disaster and as though it’d been hit by a sandstorm, and a big one at that. But what a fab summer it was, anyway .. more to come of that in another post, well, the intents there anyway.

I also left my job, left home, moved to Nottingham with Ollie where we’re currently in the midst of having the flat completely re-decorated, got into Uni .. changed my course, and have now started Uni (loving it way more than I thought I would!). And somewhere along the way have seemed to have accumulated adult responsibilities .. bills, keeping a flat, and all that jazz, whaaaat?!

So, 2nd October – I’ve done a week of Uni, been a pathetic attempt of a fresher, been in Nottingham 8 days, and all is going swimmingly. I’m SO ridiculous happy, corny yes but so true.

Below are a few snaps from a few wanders around the City.

I pinky promise to try and be more active.

Love, Beth x


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