Turning Twenty

fifteenth of October twenty seventeen –


I awoke just before eight and still half sedated with sleep cuddled up to Oliver and lolled back off before the alarm greeted us at eight thirty. It was my twentieth birthday.




I sipped my green tea whilst still snuggled under the duvet, and opened some of the presents that had already been delivered (I was spoilt with gifts!), before getting ready and taking a morning stroll to town to grab brekkie at Escabeche, which was so lovely. They also do incredible smoothies, we shared the tropical smoothie, and mm-mm was it good!





My best friend from middleschool popped over at midday bearing more gifts – succulents and gin, perfect! My family then arrived a few hours later, so I was certainly surrounded by some fab company.




Our meal was booked for six, so we headed out an hour early to walk the dogs and let my younger brother’s burn off some energy at the park. With my birthday being in autumn, the river looked gorgeous – cast in an auburn glow, and the trees had almost shed all of there leaves, leaving a blanket of crisp leaves over the park, beautiful!



We’d reserved a table at the ‘Brewhouse and Kitchen’, and it didn’t let us down! It’s a pub/gastro style restaurant, with a super casual yet a little quirky interior, and a very laid back and cosy atmosphere, so you can’t go wrong really. The adults all ended up ordering a variety of small plates each, which were all yummy! We were looked after by a waiter called Christoph for the night, who was so, so friendly.
After blowing the candles out of my cake, we headed back to the flat and chilled out a little before the family headed back home.

I often think the simplest of days are often the best. I ended the day feeling so super happy and very loved up, it was wonderful.

So, here’s to another year – let’s see what twenty brings!
..A ‘real’ adult now, hm.

Love Beth,




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