Craving’s of Sunshine

So, Continuing on from my last post about the Summer that’s just passed, and the nostalgic memories, I’m truly craving the sunshine more than ever.

Each year, once the clocks have turned back, and the warm weather has been and gone for another season or two, I start dreaming of holidays in the sunshine, next to the beach.

The feeling of the sun shining down and hitting your skin, whilst lay, barely clothes in the sand. Eating fresh fruit, and drinking juice (..or mojitos), in 20+ degree heat, in summer dresses, and Levi’s. Music blasting from the radio with the windows down driving along the coast, with views of the sun glistening over the mass that is the ocean. Picnic’s next to the river, bare-foot walks, the smell of freshly mowed grass, super salty hair, with no reason to have to brush it, tanned skin, bare-faced skin, flip-flops.

I miss it all.

Now, hear me out, I adore Christmas. But I often wonder if that’s because for me, it’s one of the only things to really get excited over in the Winter months. I love the festive season, the mulled wine, gift wrapping.. gift giving, Christmas songs, Christmas markets, light switch on’s, the fairy lights, Christmas tree’s, Christmas traditions, mince pie’s, log fires, blankets, home made food, mugs of tea on the sofa wrapped up in a thick throw, there’s so much to love about Christmas, and every season.

But, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t wish for the warmer weather, a holiday in the sunshine, but doesn’t everyone?

Here’s to trying to live more in the moment, to enjoying the now, because theres so much to be grateful about!
… Either that, or booking a holiday abroad (haha.)

I hope you’re all having the loveliest of days.
I’m currently still in my dressing-gown, in bed, listening to Summer Paradise (I know, I’m not helping myself..!)

Speak soon,

Love, as always,



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