Hello Cherubs,

There’s a day left until this month is over, and February begins.

I feel like this month has been one of the longest on record! Anyone else agree??!

It’s a little late to be discussing New Years resolutions, and plans for the upcoming year now, but hey, I never got round to it at the beginning of the month, so why not now?

As far as New Year’s resolutions go, I didn’t make any cemented resolutions. Of course, like the majority, I vowed to be conscious of what I’m eating, work out some more, blah blah, and yes I’ve eaten better but the left over Christmas chocs have almost been emptied, and I’ve shamefully worked out enough times that I can count on one hand..

But on the larger scale of things, I guess my main resolution was to just be better.. to be mindful about improving myself, and the person I am, which is a daily thing. To be more present, to be healthier – physically and mentally, to make better decisions, to work on myself etc. Some days that doesn’t go so well, but when does everything go well all of the time?

So, as far as this month’s gone, it’s been a good’un! Long, like I said, and the weather’s been .. well.. January, and I’m leaving the month with a cold, but here are the highlights:



1.  I spent the first weekend of January with one of my all time loveliest of friends – Izzi, who spent the weekend at ours, which included a massive catch-up in Café Nero, a lazy Saturday afternoon spent watching ’17 Again’ with pizzas, and a Sunday spent eating pancakes and mooching around the park in West Bridgford, Love love loooove.

2. I had another friend, who I hadn’t seen in AGES, spend the weekend at ours, again, it was a chilled night in, lots of catching up, and some more pancakes on Sunday .. are you seeing a trend yet?

3. My Sister and Mum stayed over for a night, after a bit of family drama back home. Which is lovely as always, I’m heading back to Stoke this weekend, and planning a trip to Shrewsbury on the Sunday before flying to Dublin with my sister on the Monday..!

4. Bubble baths. Ahhh, I didn’t have a bath at my family home, and I seem to have been taking full advantage of the fact we have a bath in the flat here. A good bubble bath has been becoming a daily thing – midday, midnight, evening, who cares?! I dread to think of the water bill.

5. Meals out, me and Ol have been treated to a couple of meals out in town by his parents, which has been really nice. The veggie breakfast at Cotê is yuuuummy.

6. How could I (almost) forget!? I’ve seen my bestest friend, quite a few times this month which has been a massive treat! We spent one Wednesday night watching a lot of Friends, and making homemade pizzas, the bestttt.

7. I’ve booked a couple of trips away this month.. not to go ahead this month, but it still counts as a highlight right? Dublin was booked this month, which was a late 18th Birthday present for my sister, and me and Ollie have booked a midweek break away in the Algarve, in Portugal, in April, I’m sooo excited for that!!

8. After the madness of Christmas, I’ve been really enjoying quiet evenings in With Ol, we’ve got through quite a lot of Netflix recently, there were new episodes of ‘Grace & Frankie’ put on, so we powered through them! I’m sure you’ve all heard of it/watched it, but we LOVED ‘The End of the F***ing World’, the plot is so different and the actor’s do such a great job.

9. The lights have been drawing out.. slightly, but hey it’s the little things! I’m so keen for Summer, and light nights.

10. I revamped my blog, properly.. finally! I know I always promise to, but the aim is to post a lot more regularly, please hold me to that!


I’ve also handed in my first assignments for the year, them dreaded deadlines!! Hooray!


I hope your January’s been all sorts of lovely,

All my love,






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