Dear, Mum

Mother’s Day 2018. 

Here’s to my Mum, and every Mum out there. You are appreciated and ever so loved. You are the creator of a whole new life, you are the silent hero’s and truest angels of the world – thank you.
Happy Mother’s Day!

There are moment’s in life that define you. 

Good and bad, each moment that has dictated the path to who I have become, and who I continue to be, you have been there.

By my side, at 2am or 2pm, no matter the distance, you are always with me.

You always have been.

So thank you for being there on, when and for..

Those sleepless nights when I was tiny and refusing to sleep, though you were sleep deprived you continued to comfort me, day-in, day-out.

The amount of questions that you patiently answered from a relentless four-year-old me, you encouraged me to be curious, to learn.

The times you sat with me, helping me colour in, paint, create – even though there were a million and one other things to be done.

Thirteen year old me, when my teenage hormones were unpredictable and ugly, when I was hard to deal with, you were there.

Relentless Skype calls, you were always there, when life got rocky and you lived in hospital with Ethan for months on end, you never left us – you never let your role as a mother slip, despite the obstacles in the way, and despite the difficulties.

The chats we have had on car journey’s, long and short, about life and all that it is and isn’t, my dreams, ambitions and desires, thank you for listening, and more importantly, thank you for never instilling a hint of doubt in my mind, you are my greatest supporter.

Thank you for believing in me. 

The childish moments we have had, and will always continue to have, where we’ve been in tears laughing at the silliest of things, even when the sound of our  laughter is far from appreciated.

The nights when I couldn’t sleep, and ‘the pain of a young broken-heart’ was keeping me up, the comfort of your hug was the only thing to console me.

The times you have listened to my moans and complaints, face-to-face or via phone call, you always have the best advice to give regardless of the issue.

As far as compliments go, to this date I believe the best I have ever received, is that I’m so similar to you.

At twenty years of age, I’m growing up.. I’ve grown up,

I am proud to say that I am happy with the person I am, and the credit for that goes to you –
You have instilled in me the greatest of values and morals to carry with me throughout  life. You have called me out when you don’t agree with what, or how I am going about something. Every day, I have silently watched the person you are, I have admired, and I have learnt.

Thank you for being there.

Thank you for holding me up.

Thank you for believing in me.

Thank you for being the greatest role model.

Thank you for being my Mum.

Thank you for being the person I wish to be.I love you.



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