Hello April

Oh April,

The month of blossom trees and daffodils, Easter eggs and lighter evenings.. the hope for Summer is just around the corner.

Hello Spring!

April, to me, signifies the end of Winter – long gone (we hope) are those dark, gloomy evenings and dull days.. I say as I write this with a grey, overcast sky looming outside the window, but it’s just a one off.. right?

I’m so ready for evening walks with blossom scattered across the ground, daffodils framing the path, and being blessed with the sun actually setting.. after 7pm!

I’m eager for mild days spent without the fright of stepping out of the door to the ghastly chill of the wintry weather. Days spent without ten thousand layers on, are incredibly welcomed.. my arms are open and my winter coat is … definitely not being stored away until next year (yet), but one can dream!

I’ve spent most of this month so far in Wales – both with my family, and Ollie’s, which has been lovely! Can anyone ever complain when the sea is minutes from the door?!

I’ve also got a few family Birthday’s this month, and I’m off Uni until the 16th, so happy days!

We’re off to Alvor, Portugal next week, for a 4 night break, so hopefully the sun will make a well longed for appearance. (Please keep your fingers crossed for us!) There’s some great caves in the area that I’m hoping to go and see by boat, depending on whether the boat trips are running in April (?) .. We’re also right on the beach, and although I’ve got no expectations for the sea being idyllic at this time of the year, I’m super excited to spend time on the beach. Ollie’s actually been to this resort before, so they’ll be no unpleasant surprises, and it means we’ve got an upper hand on knowing the area before arriving.

Let me know what your plans are for April!
.. Or have any of you been to Alvor before? Let me know!

All my love as always,



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