A Day in Sepia

Last Wednesday was spent in the Welsh town of Aberystwyth with the family.

We arrived at midday and spent the remaining hours eating cake in a personal favourite cafe, browsing vintage shops and wandering the streets.. before the skies opened and the rain came heavy.

Despite Spring making its annual appearance, the arctic winds and the 2 degree temperatures could have convinced otherwise.

With spending a lot of time on the Welsh coast throughout my childhood, I’d been to Aberystwyth many of times before, some of the architecture around the seaside town is rather beautiful, and there’s some cosy cafés and shops.

We went to visit some family friends for dinner.. and (far) too many gins .. On Ollie’s behalf anyway, haha.

Anyway, as they say pictures speak louder than words – so here’s a few photos that I took from the day, I filmed it all in sepia, which I actually really enjoyed! I found I actually took photos that I wouldn’t have taken if I was taking without a filter – a different perspective always helps, hey.

have a fab day!

All my love,




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