One Sunday-like Monday

You know them slow days, with the morning spent lazily getting ready; coffee drunk at mid-morning in your dressing gown; the bliss of waking naturally to no alarm; a diary free of plans for the day; no hassle.. a day of ease and quiet.

Well, my Monday has been one of those days – A day of leisure.

We woke at mid-morning and spent the majority of the morning tucked under the duvet, enjoying the bliss of still half sedated cuddles and light-hearted chats.

As we’re staying at my family home, in Trentham (Stoke-on-Trent) for the moment, we headed to Trentham Gardens for a late lunch at Totally Delicious (we hadn’t eaten here since it had been opened and we loved it!) and had a mooch around the shops. I actually miss being able to pop over and spend an afternoon here since moving to Nottingham!

The rest of the afternoon was spent at home .. insuring my car (the joys!) and going out for a drive as it seems things get a little rusty when you haven’t driven in monthsss. We then headed over to Ollie’s family’s for dinner and a chilled night in – loooovely.

So, one full day until we’re jetting off to Portugal. I’ve just written a list of things to pack on my notes, it seems tomorrow will be prettyyy busy.

All my love,




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