Day 1: Alvor, Portugal

~ Wrote on 11.04.18 ~ I write this with heavy eyes and a box of Pringles conveniently sat next to me.

The flight into Faro departed at 7am, meaning an early start to the day to get to the airport. We left the flat at 4.30am and ended up getting a measly 2 and a half hours sleep. Not ideal but we were hyped on the good holiday vibes. I love that airport feeling .. knowing you’re flying off to somewhere new and unfamiliar, full of excitement!

I love flying. Especially in the day.. I’m always eager to get the window seat and I’m a sucker for spying on the world below for the majority of the journey. And let me tell you, the 2hr25 journey here did not disappoint on the scenic front. Perhaps it sounds a little bizarre considering the whole flight consists of looking down on a bed of clouds (or travelling through one), and looking down on the ocean or cities below – but what other time do you really get to see the world from above?

The sun lit the sea of clouds at one point of the flight and goodness was it magical!

Other than almost missing our transfer shuttle to our hotel upon landing (bad organisation/miscommunication on loveholidays front), all went smoothly and we arrived at our hotel by midday.

Alllll I wanted to do once getting to our room was sleep. Cosy down and catch up on the hours of sleep we missed from the night prior .. YES PLEASE. But Ollie (being far more logical than me), insisted that we went to explore and get lunch before catching some z’s.

We’re located right on the beach, so went for a wander by the sea. Sandals off and a good stroll along the sand, no complaints!

One end of the beach is framed with the typical Portuguese cliffs you see in brochures advertising the Algarve, you know the ones I mean? Dramatic and pretty damn impressive. So we headed over to take some pics and admire the view.

~ Continued – wrote on 12.04.18 ~ It’s April, so we didn’t have high expectations as far as the weather was concerned, but we were pretty blessed with the sunshine yesterday – a little windy but still sunny!

We took the boardwalk back to the resort and popped into a beachfront restaurant to grab a bite to eat. We ended up waiting 45 minutes for lunch, and golly were we hungry (we were getting very impatient and rather unimpressed) so by the time our food came we devoured it. Looking out onto the ocean sure helped the wait.

We explored the resort and grabbed a few bits and bobs from the hotel grocery shop before heading back to our room and finally sleeping. And my goodness did we sleep (about 15 hours in total), yesterday was wonderful but oh my did it feel long!

We’ve got 3 more nights here, so expect to keep updated on our time spent in the lovely Alvor.

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