My 21 before 21

My 21 before 21..

My Mum actually suggested that I do this post – so hats off to you Mum.

Considering I did a 30 before 30 list a few posts back, I thought it was only fair that I made a list of things I’d like to achieve before my 21st Birthday. I know that achieving 21 things before October seems pretty ambitious, but I’m going to keep these a little more tame and attainable than my 30 before 30 list.

That gives me almost exactly 6 months (until October 15th) to get it all done. So let’s see how I do hey!

1. Learn how to cook a really good pasta dish. Whilst in Portugal we ate at a few Italian restaurants and the food was incredible! Specifically the pasta, so I’d love to learn how to make a good homemade pasta dish.

2. Read 10 books for pleasure. I love reading and recently purchased quite a few more books from Amazon so I’ll continue ploughing through those. In fact, let me know if you’d like a separate post on book reviews/my favourite books? 

3. Travel to somewhere new – this can be abroad or in the Uk, just somewhere I’ve never been before.

4. Create a photo album. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages! I think there’s something so lovely about having a photograph album rather than scrolling through your phone. All of your photos are collated together and there’s something about how tactile it is.

5. Paint on a canvas. I haven’t done this in ages! Whether it actually turns out well, I just want to paint.

6. Bake more. This is pretty open as to how much and what I bake, but just more (I rarely bake now so it’s not difficult). I really enjoy baking and keep on about things I’ve baked in the past to Ollie that he’s never tasted.. so I should get back to it.

7. Go on a spa day. I’ve used spa facilities but never actually spent a day at a spa.. you know having a massage, being able to spent the full day there.

8. Make meditation a habit. Again, another thing I’ve been meaning to do (I think we all have a long list of those?).

9. Create a gratitude journal and stick to it. I actually have a journal I use for jotting down my gratitude lists, but I want to make a conscious effort to do this daily.

10. Learn to cook some really good plant-based meals. I just want to make more of an effort to cook from scratch, with fresh, plant-based ingredients.

11. Jump off the jetty in Aberdovey. So this has been a bit of a running joke with my family for some years now .. it seems I have an irrational fear of jumping off of things into water, from a height. So yeah .. overcome that fear.

12. Subscribe to a magazine. I love magazines and have never had a subscription, so why not!

13. Drive on the motorway. I’ve been driving for over a year now and it’s not that I’ve been avoiding the motorway (because I’ve never needed to go on it) but I’m certainly not eager for it.. so yeah, get that done and over with.

14. Join a gym. This is another thing that I’ve been meaning to do since the beginning of the year .. are you starting to see a common theme yet? Even if I don’t join the gym, I want to at least get back into working out consistently again.. but don’t we all? No.. seriously.. I do.

15. Go to a yoga class. I used to go to a yoga class every Sunday and loved it! Yoga classes are completely different to most other workout/fitness classes, and yoga on a Sunday just goes hand-in-hand right?

16. Take a photography course/class. I love photography and have done for years, so I’d love to do a short course online photography course to learn more about the subject and how to use my camera better.

17. Go to at least 5 new cafes in Nottingham. I’ve now lived in Nottingham (West Bridgford technically) since last September and there are so many lovely cafes that I haven’t tried out yet. So I’d love to make a conscious effort to try a few new places out!

18. Watch a sunset. This of course isn’t something new, but I haven’t actually watched a sunset yet this year, so it’s definitely on the list to do so! I tend to watch a lot of sunset’s in Summer, so I’m sure the Summer season will help to tick this one off.

19. Watch a sunrise. Again, like watching the sunrise.. although it takes a little more effort to watch the sunrise than sunset, I’ve watched a few sunrises in the past too. There’s something so magical about watching the sun kiss the morning sky. So this is definitely something I want to do again before turning 21.

20. Try something new. I know this one is pretty open, but I just want to be out of my comfort zone a little, and try something that I haven’t before. So any suggestions are welcome!

21. Go wild camping. This, again, isn’t something new – I went wild camping with Ollie last Summer. But I’d love to go again! We pitched a tent up beside the ocean for two nights last year and we loved it.

So let’s see how many I get ticked off before I turn 21!
I’ll report back in October.. so keep your eyes peeled.

Have a lovely day!

All my love,



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