Spring Has Sprung

Today has been lovely.

My mood today is totally in synch with the weather – warm weather and sunshine all round.

It seems that whenever the sun makes an appearance everyones mood just instantly changes, maybe its just a British thing? Who ever knows, but the shorts are out and so are the smiles.

My sister has come to stay with us for the week, so with the weather being all sunshine and blue skies we headed for a walk along the river and had a wander through some nearby parks.

There were some gorgeous blossom trees and planted flowers in the parks, could things feel any more Spring-like!?

We met up with Ollie after he’d finished work and went and had a lime and soda in the sun, beside the river. Bliss!

Everything just feels and looks better in the sun.

I am absolutely loving this weather right now – what a treat! 2 days after returning home from Portugal and the weather in England has been 20+ degrees.. happy happy!

And to top it off, the forecast for tomorrow is even better than todays. It’s meant to reach highs of 24 degrees tomorrow (a-ma-zing!)

It certainly feels like Spring has finally sprung.. and it definitely has not disappointed. Not to get my hopes up too much, but lets hope that the weather doesn’t act in true British style, and by next week the weather hasn’t had a massive change have heart and the gloomy days and rain has returned. I am praying that this is the start of the season.. and it’s only going to be up from here! (I can dream right?)

Honestly I am so excited for Summer!
I am a Summer girl through-and-through, swimsuit on, picnic packed and those feel-good summer songs playing loudly through the car speaks while en route to the beach. YES PLEASE.

Is there really any better feeling? 
I absolutely adore the feeling of laying back, with the sun on your face and not a care in the world mm-mm. 

Life is good.

What’s your favourite season?

All my love,



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