Where Did April Go?

Well helloooo May!

April has been and gone, and oh my was it a busy one.. I’m not so sure that May is going to be much quieter, but busy is good, right?

Let me give you a quick overview of last month from the beginning to end –

Submit an essay – 5&1/2hr journey to Wales – 5 nights in Abersoch – 3 nights in Tywyn – back to Stoke – 5 nights in Stoke – 1 night in Nottingham with a few hours to pack and sleep before our flight – 4am wake up call to fly to Portugal – 4 nights in Portugal – back to Nottingham for a night – drive back to Stoke for an interview with a headteacher for a uni assignment – drive back to Nottingham – weekdays in Nottingham – submit another assignment – drive to Stoke – Drive to Wales to spend the weekend there for my brother’s birthday – Drive back to Stoke then to Nottingham – weekdays spent in Nottingham – drive to Stoke – then to Wales for my Dad’s birthday – weekend in Wales – back to Stoke – back to Nottingham – and here we are.

Last month was great.. we had sunshine, birthday’s, Easter break, a holiday to Portugal and several breaks to Wales.

But damn me, it feels like we’ve done a lot of driving back and forth!

Next Tuesday is Ollie’s Birthday, which I’m super excited about! So we’re driving back to Stoke.. again (no, honestly I am looking forward to it) .. for the Bank Holiday weekend to spend some time with his family and to see some friends which will be loooovely.

But honestly, I’m so excited to have a weekend in the flat! As much as I love having plans and spending time with family and spending time near the sea, I can be a right little home bird too, so sometimes a lazy weekend at home is just what’s needed!

I’ve got the rest of this week and then next week left at uni, then all of my lectures are done for Summer (hooray!). I’ve got a few more assignments to complete, and two exams (that I seriously need to get revising for), then I’m officially done until year 2 and I couldn’t be more eager.

I’m anticipating that this Summer will be spent similarly to last.. without the luxury holiday to Greece and last-minute holiday to Fuerteventura.. and with a job thrown in there somewhere too. But me and Ollie are planning to spend the majority of the Summer, like last, in Wales – whether that be in Abersoch or Tywyn, we’re not so sure of yet.

We looove to be by the beach and spending time in a seaside village, as expected, is super different to living on the outskirts of a City, which can be well appreciated at times.

Anyway, just a little update on what’s been going on – I’ve been posting less lately, and that’s been why!

Let’s hope May is filled with just as much fun, hey.

All my love,



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