One Summer Evening

Spontaneous evening swims at dusk, as the water was cast in a pink glow and a school of dolphins swam ahead of us.

We’d been treated.

There are moments in your life when all you feel is complete bliss. True joy that echoes in your soul with an unconditional ability to remain unshattered. Those moments when you feel you could burst. When everything feels whole, life is perfect. You could dance the night away and sing loudly with no care in the world – you’re invincible.

Though, not always does joy feel the need to be expressed through eccentric outbursts, some days it’s only asked to be sat with quietly, to be softly felt and admired. To be held hands with and humbly consumed. Some days it’s a tender companion and other days it’s a wild playmate.

Those are the nights that you should hold on to with all you have. Those memories are the fondest. They feed your spirit and remain untainted no matter how distant the memory becomes.

This was one of those nights.

Not expressed in acts of loud nature, but wholly appreciated with every ounce. I soaked it in, I loved it all. I was grateful.

As the sun kissed goodbye to the distant horizon and the light gently disappeared until dawn, the sky was gradually transformed into an inky blue, twinkling canopy.

With ocean drenched hair and salty skin, we waved goodbye to the evening with bare feet and satisfied smiles.

Until next time – thank you for having me.


This is life.

This is living.

So live it.

~ Storytime ~ Whilst being blessed with this magical evening, we met with a man who was experiencing the ocean for the first time. It was his first time ever in the sea. He’d moved to the seaside town of Tywyn on Wednesday from Manchester. He craved the coast after coming to detest the buzz of the city-life. He needed out. What would you change if you had the courage?


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