Life Is Sweet

I turn to you, your face cast in the golden highlights of the pre-dusk sun.

You smile, consumed by the innocent joy of the moment. Music gently vibrates the car dashboard as the volume is cranked up – in approval of the chosen song.

We sing – badly – voices strained in attempt to compete with the music’s atrociously loud volume.

We meander through the coastal lanes, the familiarity of the route gifting us with confidence. Overlooking the vastness of the bay, windows are rolled down and jaws drop.

We glow, blessed with the freedom of youth and sickeningly in love, life is sweet.

Summer days melt away with sun kissed skin and dirty feet.

Today is ours.

The last of the days sun rays amplify the beauty of the scenic view. Like snow fall on a winters day. Complimenting everything touched, Mother Nature has her way – the original artist.

We’re in love.

Life is sweet.

Welcome to our adventure.

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  1. Louise devaney
    July 6, 2018 / 4:15 pm

    Ahhh. That’s so lovely xxx

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