Welcome Back.

I’m back!

(Hopefully) for good.

If you’ve been round here a while, you’ll have noticed there’s been a bit of a change. I’ve completely revamped my page, the aesthetics of my blog tend to go hand in hand with my creativity levels and motivation to post on here, so a change was definitely needed and long over due.

So, I hope you like it (please let me know if there’s any blips with the site or any suggestions you have – we’re almost there but it’s still a work in progress).

Again, please excuse my absence, Summer got hold of me and weeks turned into months. I’ve still been writing, I’m always writing, but just haven’t got round to perfecting anything or posting anything public.

I’ve also been really enjoying my photography this Summer, so I’ve got a ton of photos ready to be edited to accompany my posts. I’ve created a new Instagram account (bethanybirchphotography) completely dedicated to my snaps, so feel free to go have a nose if you’re interested.

I’m planning on posting twice a week – possibly more, but I’m just committing to the two this time – every Wednesday evening and Sunday day, so keep an eye out for those. Head over and subscribe if you want an email every time a post of mine goes live (shameless self-promo)!

Anyway, I’m back to work after a four day break today, but I promise you’ll see more of me around here from now on.

Speak soon.

Beth xx


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