A Riverside Date

When the Summer heatwave was still upon us, and work was still hidden in the depths of the future, myself and Oliver packed the picnic hamper with the necessities – gin, lemonade, dark chocolate and blankets – and headed to the river for an evening date.

The sky was soon to be painted with apricot-hues and violet-tones in anticipation for the night to sink in.

I put on my prettiest summer dress, and tousled the fallen curls in my hair, then touched up the canvas that had become my summer-kissed face.

After many-a-day prior spent bare-faced and salty skinned, in nothing but swimwear, the extra care in our appearance was appreciated.

With rugs under our arms and hamper in hand, we took a lazy stroll to the river.

Full on the goodness of life.

Full on love.

We set pitch beside the river bed, sheltered by the reeds that gently swayed in the evening breeze.

Oh, and we were blessed.

With glasses of gin in hand, huddled together whilst the sweet caress of the evening sun still kissed our bare skin, we watched the moon rise above the distant mountain.

Then one, two, three – as if by command – the stars appeared in the navy sky. Still tickled with pink as the sunset kissed goodbye to the horizon, leaving the sweet aftertaste to be cherished.

Despite the unwelcome company of mosquitos encouraging us to move on, to a nearby walled meadow, the evening was perfect.

As the slight chill of the night air began to set in, clinging to our naked arms, we ventured, hand-in-hand to our mosquito free location, chatting aimlessly and admiring life, we knew memories were being crafted.

Softly, but ever so surely.

These were the memories we would tell future children about, over mugs of tea and with unapologetic smiles laced on our faces.

What a date.

The simple things. The best company. Sweet, sweet conversation and one beautiful location.

Peace and quiet.

It’s time to relax.




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