Hello Autumn

Sweet laughter and ocean waves laced with the nostalgic smell of sun lotion and freshly mown grass are slowly becoming echoes of the Summer just passed.

As our fingers loosen their grip on the past season, we reach out with welcome arms to embrace the Fall.

Autumn, painted with deep colours of crimsons and auburns; a vibrant display of applause.

Humble in her attempts.

Golden magic scattered across fields and pavements, leaves whisper goodbye to their sturdy companions – death has never looked so beautiful.

Cosy evenings in, wrapped up in knitted throws and a mug of hot chocolate hugging cold hands.

Crisp morning walks, the sound of crunching leaves beneath your feet acting as the orchestra of Autumn. Pockets full of conkers and acorns, as they lay beneath trees patiently awaiting collection.

Guy Fawkes takes his day, as we admire the burst of colour briefly lighting the navy sky. Fairy dust and displays of magic tinting the sky with crackles of joy.

The anticipation of the festive season, gradually easing its way into reality.

Hello Autumn.


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