An Evening In Clevedon

If you’ve read some of my recent blog posts, or follow me on Instagram, then you’ll know that I recently went on holiday to Cornwall.

With living in the Midlands, it takes just over 5 hours to get from a to b (a being Falmouth and b being home). So we decided to take a well needed break in Clevedon .. Near Weston-Super-Mare .. But ~much~ nicer. The main reason for the stop here, was that Ollie’s Great Uncle lives on the seafront at Clevedon, so we spent the afternoon chatting and eating dinner at a local pub.

The sweet English Victorian town is situated in North Somerset and overlooks the Severn estuary. It holds a humble charm and quaint scenery.

If Clevedon were a person, her laces would be tied, hair neat, she’d smell of vanilla and always use her manners, her cheeks would be rosy from the sea air and glass of wine at dinner, she would be sweet and subtly beautiful, you’d find her head in a book and she’d have a cheeky, unmistakable laugh.

In fact, if a place can directly remind you of a person, then Clevedon reminds me of Allie from the film, ‘The Notebook’.

Few Fun Facts: 
* Clevedon is home to the second largest tide in the entire world!
* The pier was created using leftover materials/metal from the railway.
* On a clear day you can easily see Wales from across the estuary.

We didn’t venture into the town centre/high street, but had a nice stroll along the seafront. From what I could gather, after spending 4 hours there, it seemed like a lovely seaside town, quaint and quiet, pretty and fresh, almost with a nostalgic feel to it. (No tacky arcades, no litter scattered pavements.. etc.)

We were treated to a pretty incredible sunset just before heading off on the last leg of the journey home.

Clevedon is well worth a visit, even if just for the afternoon!
If you choose to take a trip in Summer then the man-made pool just above the beach fills with ocean water after high tide, and is great for a swim on those warm summer days (that we occasionally get in Britain).

Keep smiling,

Beth xx


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