Turning Twenty-One

Last Monday, I celebrated my twenty-first Birthday, and I had one of the best days ~ever~.

We spent my Birthday in the Cornish seaside town of Perranporth, in a beautiful house with sea views. The house was a lucky find on Airbnb, and was absolutely breathtaking (that much so, that I cried on arrival). I’ve only began to use Airbnb this year – I’m late to the game I know – but am absolutely loving it and it’s now my go-to site for finding accommodation, even over my trusty booking.com. But more on the house and my experience with Airbnb in another post (keep your eyes peeled).

After two trips to Cornwall this year, both within a month of one another, I’ve certainly fallen in love with the South Coast, even more than I expected.

I awoke on my Birthday, with cuddles from Ollie and birthday kisses, before heading downstairs where the family were eagerly awaiting my waking. With a cup of tea in hand, we then headed back upstairs, to our bedroom to open the pressies. We were treated to the master bedroom, which was ~huge~, as in big enough to do five kart wheels in a row. I was spoilt rotten with the gifts I received, and am so, so grateful!

We then freshened up and got ready for the day, to head to Newquay.

Mum had scouted out a place to eat breakfast before hand, so we headed to ‘Bush Pepper’ to satisfy our grumbling bellies. The restaurant was lovely, the waiter who served us was super chatty and friendly, and although the aesthetics weren’t super ‘instagrammable’, it was really cosy and the food was both delicious.. and definitely ‘instagrammable’, haha. The owner of ‘Bush Pepper’ was originally from Australia, hence the name and the Aussie inspired food on the menu, but came to live in Cornwall after meeting his wife over in the UK. I was told that the owner heads back to his homeland for a month every year in December, where he closes the restaurant for a month and heads back to spend time with his family .. Meaning that all the staff also get a month off too, not a bad gig, hey?

The menu here was great, with my family ranging from avid meat eaters to vegan, catering for us all can sometimes become a little tricky, but there was plenty to please everyone on the menu here.

I ended up deciding on the vegan brekkie, which was delicious, Ollie chose the veggie brekkie which was also just as delicious. The rest of the family went for the pancakes (which I tried and were top contenders!), an English breakfast and an Aussie breakfast, which all looked great too. We also had banana bread pancakes for the middle of the table .. which I and my youngest brother shared between us.. It was my Birthday after all!

With very full tummies, we then mooched around the streets of Newquay for a while, browsing shops and window shopping.

One shop we ended up spending a good amount of time in, was ‘The Wave Project’, which was brilliant. The shop gives all profits to the charity: ‘The Wave Project’, which is based upon the idea of bringing people together through surfing, and using the sport as therapy for young people, especially to those who have had difficult upbringings, disabilities or struggle with mental health. It’s an incredibly inspiring charity, and the staff in the shop were so friendly and were clearly very passionate about the ethics and motto of the charity.

As mid-afternoon hit, we headed back to the house, ready to chill out for the rest of the day.

We ate, drank Prosecco and gin, and spent the evening in the hot tub watching the sun set over the sea, and the sky turn a dusty pink.

After drying ourselves off, we huddled up on the sofa in our pj’s with candles burning and watched a film before dozing off.

My day was absolutely full to the brim of bundles of love and all the happiness. I was overwhelmed with how blessed I was, and am so grateful to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday and gave me such wonderful gifts.

What a perfect day.

Here’s to 21!

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