Life In Your Twenties

Navigating life in your twenties is a funny old thing.

Comparatively similar to attempting to assemble an IKEA flatpack without reading the instructions.
Except there are no instructions to fall back on, when things get a little tricky.

Up until our late teens, we’re all in the same boat, in the sense that we’re all complied to attend school and our life path for this period consists mainly of education.
Then we’re spat out.
And honestly, I don’t think any of us are certain as to where to go from there.
If you do, you’re one of a minority, and you should count your lucky stars.

Here’s where reality kicks in, and life takes off it’s masks and begins to reveal it’s expectations.

I have friends who have settled down, beginning their career journey and have plans of babies in the near future.

I have other friends who haven’t settled down yet, but desperately want to, and have dreams of babies in the near future, however the harsh reality of financing your future, deposits for houses and an uncertainty for career ambitions postponing these dreams.

I have other friends attending University and having the time of their lives.
Other’s in apprenticeships.
Other’s living at home with part-time jobs.

Other’s in serious relationships
Other’s going through breakups.
And other’s enjoying being single and getting drunk every weekend.

Other’s dream of travelling and seeing the world.
Other’s have travelled and began to see the world.

Give it a few years, and my Facebook page will be full of engagement posts, new baby status’, photos from Malaysia as they travel the World and photos of hats thrown in the air as friends graduate from University.
And yes, there will still be friends living at home.

And you know something, all of these options are okay.
This is the beauty in life.

The uncertainty of adulthood creates for some of the best memories, and leaves us with some amazing stories to tell.
Our twenties are only just the beginning.

So here’s to not knowing, to making mistakes and finding your way, to making friends and losing friends, to trying the new and scrapping old plans in exchange for something greater, here’s to change and appreciating the old, here’s to making the most of this whirlwind of an adventure.

Here’s to our twenties.

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