Welcome To My Home!

I did a little poll on my Instagram asking which post you’d like to see next and this one won by a mile… I love reading posts like this, having a little insight into someone else’s beloved abode, and quite frankly I’m just a pretty damn nosy bugger (and secretly – or not so secretly – I think you lot are pretty similar and that’s why the majority of you wanted to see this post next?)

We’ve been living in our flat in Nottingham since my first year of uni, so what does that make it – about 16 months now? We’re actually renting it out whilst spending my second semester in Australia, from next month until August, so this is probably the perfect time to take pics because the house has had to be tidier & cleaner than we generally ever keep it. We had our first three viewings today and the feedback was super positive and very hopeful (so all fingers crossed!).

We fell in love with the flat after first viewing it, but knew it needed a fair bit of TLC, so we ripped carpets/the kitchen/flooring out and gave it all a new lick of paint. It was an almost start from scratch kinda’ jobby, but it was all decoration, so no walls were knocked down etc. and was so well worth it.

The first few months of living here consisted of a lot of pasta, microwavable meals and jacket potatoes because the majority of the kitchen had already been ripped out in preparation for installing a new one, so we were left with a hob and microwave. Washing up also proved itself to be a challenge, but we were ready and willing for a good ol’ challenge (well, Ollie was – I can count on one hand the amount of times I washed up, oops!) so washing up was to be done in the bathroom sink or bath (depending on the size of the dishes), oh the joys! Our initial builder ended up becoming pretty seriously ill and was sent to hospital with a blood clot on his leg, so work came to a stand still before finding another builder/s. The flat slowly started coming together and goddamn were we so grateful for it!

Once the bed frame came and drawers arrived we were no longer sleeping on just a mattress with clothes on a rack, as the sofas arrived the camp chairs were discarded to attic and as the flooring started to be laid we began walking around barefoot again – Hallelujah! The biggest improvement was probably the kitchen, blimey were we so happy once the worktop got fit and last handle got screwed on.

I super duper love our little home!

Anyway, onto the bit you’re all waiting for (that’s why you clicked on the post, right?), the pictures! No more rambling, go have a thorough nosy, and welcome to our little home!

*** More images coming soon – keep your eyes peeled! *** (someone may or may not have lost/misplaced her camera battery charger so may or may not be unable to take any more photos currently, that certain someone is also very eagerly looking for this certain charger and is staying very hopeful that it’ll appear soon…)


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