My goals for 2019

First off, maybe this post is a bit misleading? If you choose to stick around and read on, you’ll realise that I don’t have a specific list of x, y, z resolutions for the New Year, so maybe it should be titled ‘My lack of goals for 2019’, okay, maybe not… Maybe that’s a little too dramatic, I think maybe you should just read on…

At the beginning of the Month I mulled over the idea of setting New Year’s Resolutions, I guess I kinda did – heart hearted-ones admittedly – Don’t get me wrong, I love a good list of goals, self-improvement is right up my street! So if you’ve set resolutions for the New Year, then good on you – a big ol’ pat on the back from me. But I chose to set myself some more general, blanket goals, more so than specific, measurable goals. (Yes I 100% made the term blanket goals up, let me explain…)

Okay, so … Basically, I knew this Month was going to be a busy one, I didn’t quite realise to what extent, but I knew my priorities were going to be revolving around preparing to move to Aus and meeting Uni deadlines and sitting exams. So perhaps my New Year’s resolutions represented that. What I’m getting at is that I didn’t end up creating measurable resolutions this year like ‘Drink more water’, or ‘exercise 3 times a week’, because quite frankly I knew that I was going to find it difficult to stick to them.

Instead, I dialled the pressure down a little and set intentions like ‘Be more environmentally conscious’, ‘Create a healthier lifestyle’ and ‘Step outside of my comfort zone more’.

For some people, these blanket terms simply won’t work. Having a measurable goal is sometimes easier to focus on in the sense of feeling achieved and accomplished – I’ve worked out 3 times this week already, I’ve hit my goal! This can 100% be way more effective, and depending on my headspace and the goals I’m setting, this is definitely the best way forward for myself, probably most of the time in fact. Just not right now.

So right now, I choose to do better, by myself and externally (the environment etc.)

Am I accomplishing them?
Yes, I reckon so.
I’m choosing to make an effort to avoid fast-fashion and shop via Depop and I’ve made a trip to my local charity shop. I’m improving on my choices when grocery shopping, both with the food I buy to encourage me to eat healthier and get more creative in the kitchen, and to avoid buying unnecessary plastic. For example, I used to buy my honey in a plastic container, now I buy it in a glass jar – it’s the little things, right!

I’m not perfect, and I’ve taken the pressure off. I’ve already bought a bikini from Misguided this Month (ready for Aus!), BUT I’ve already bought clothes off of Depop too, and intend to do the majority of my shopping on there. It’s the intention that counts!

I’m constantly setting mini goals, with a few bigger goals thrown in there too, so I’ll be sure to reassess soon. I’m a massive believer that we create our own reality, and that we should chase our dreams (in fact I wrote a post about that here), so painting an image of your desired life in your mind and then setting intentions/goals of how to reach them is the best way forward. Baby-steps!

Work backwards – what do I want to achieve? How can I achieve it? What can I do now to get there? Make that your intention.

You reach your goals by aiming big. But, it’s also important to set realistic goals you know you’re likely to achieve.

Each day, week, month… Year, I’m trying to better myself, because really who isn’t? That includes setting goals, even if they’re mini intentions, you’re still moving forward.

I’m so excited about this year!
I hope you are too.

Beth xx

P.S. Sorry this post is a little late in the day guys, I’ve been swamped with uni/life admin work.

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