How to create calm in every day

Life is busy, managing your social life, work/study, checking off a seemingly endless to-do list and still adding some ‘me-time’ to your diary can feel like a precarious balancing act.

Honestly, I’m yet to meet anyone that’s got the whole thing sussed out (If you have, I bow down to you – you’re life’s real superheroes).

Yet, when life seems increasingly hectic, there’s no better time to create a little time to slow things down and take some time for yourself.

Life is all about the simple things, the little things that bring you pleasure, even in the realms of a busy schedule or manic to-do list, so here are a few ways to knock the pace down a little and heck, just enjoy the moment..

– Drink a cup of tea: I can bet that the majority of you, mainly my fellow Brits, glug countless cups of tea down a day, yet how often do you actually sit and really enjoy it? Let me explain myself, you’re sat at home writing an essay, or at your desk in front of your computer, or watching yet another episode of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’, and continue to mindlessly drink your chosen mug of tea or coffee, but you’re not really tasting it.
My point here is that a lot of the tasks we do, throughout the day, are spent whilst multitasking, yet the simple joy of just sitting down for five minutes and enjoying a cup of tea can be an incredibly welcomed, and needed, part of your day. Enjoying the drink; noticing the warmth of the mug in your palms; the refreshing yet comforting feeling as you drink it, it’s an act of mindfulness and shouldn’t be underestimated.

– Put a candle on: The term ‘Hygge’ (pronounced: hoo-guh) has been making its way onto bookshelves and articles in magazines by the plenty recently, the Danish word means a quality of cosiness, comfortability and contentment. In essence, adding simple items into your life such as candles, blankets, dimmed lights and soft textures are all very hygge. So add a little more hygge into your life by lighting a candle, and creating a calm environment.

Meditate: I mentioned this in my ‘Top tips for getting (sh)it done’ post, but I believe it applies here too. Meditation is an incredible tool which is used by plenty of people worldwide, including a fair share of businessmen/women and celebrities. It is a fantastic practise to bring more clarity and peace throughout your day, meditation is often compared to a human reset button, it helps to clear your mind, balance your moods, and enables better decision making, rational thinking, and calmness.

– * Use an oil diffuser: This tip is similar to lighting a candle, but focuses more on the natural benefits of essential oils. My oil diffuser was bought for me as a Christmas gift by my sister two years ago, and I absolutely love it! The benefits of essential oils are really interesting, so if you’re intrigued, give it a Google … Or maybe I’ll write a blog post on it sometime soon? Lavender is a well known fragrance to encourage calmness, and is often used to promote sleep, however there are an array of essential oil fragrances that can be used, such as peppermint which is often used to energise and lift your mood. Not only are there many mental/physical beneficial reasons to use an oil diffuser, but they also smell so good too!
I personally enjoy these essential oils: here.

– Take a moment/breathe: Just giving yourself a moment to relax and take a breather – literally – can be great for you. Taking a few slow, deep breaths, is proven to relax the body and reduce stress, as the action of deep-breathing sends a signal to your brain to calm down and relieve tension. Relax your shoulders and take a breather.
Learn more here.

How do you add calm to your day?

Keep smiling,

Beth xx

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