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I Moved to Melbourne, Australia!

Firstly, welcome back – my blog is finally up and running again, after a few issues, a large lack of technical knowledge and a very helpful web host assistant. It’s been a long time coming and blimey have I missed this little space on the web! If you kept up to date with my last […]

Why we should always remain hopeful

If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt within my short time on this planet, it’s that we should never lose our sense of hope. In the midst of the darkest times, lowest of lows and when it all seems excruciatingly impossible, at the end of it all hope is what guides us through.  I have […]

How to create calm in every day

Life is busy, managing your social life, work/study, checking off a seemingly endless to-do list and still adding some ‘me-time’ to your diary can feel like a precarious balancing act. Honestly, I’m yet to meet anyone that’s got the whole thing sussed out (If you have, I bow down to you – you’re life’s real […]

My goals for 2019

First off, maybe this post is a bit misleading? If you choose to stick around and read on, you’ll realise that I don’t have a specific list of x, y, z resolutions for the New Year, so maybe it should be titled ‘My lack of goals for 2019’, okay, maybe not… Maybe that’s a little […]

Top tips for getting (sh)it done!

And get shit done:   – Create a list: Oh the art of list-making, can we call that a hobby? I know I’ve mentioned to-do lists a couple of times already, honestly I could bang on about them all day. I’m self-confessed list fanatic! How satisfying is it to tick things off? (The correct answer […]