Ever since I was little I’ve always become complacent very quickly, ready to move on, usually before my time.
At the age of 9, I was ready to move From First to Middle School, then at the age of 13 I was ready to move from Middle to High School, then at 16 I was more than ready to move on from High to College, and now at 18, I was ready to move on from College to the next chapter of my life a year before I left.

I get fed up quickly, staying in one place bores me.

I want to be constantly mentally stimulated, I want fresh surroundings and new vibes. This restlessness can become a pain, being constantly eager to switch things up and experience something new – somewhere new, isn’t always ideal.
I crave more.


I’m curious, and maybe that’s where my restlessness derives from.

But curiosity is a precious quality, maybe it doesn’t seem so desirable to parents when constant often unanswerable questions from their children, or when you end up falling out of trees to see how much weight one branch could hold or what castles you can see from the top of the oak tree, but it is, I promise you that.

My Mum’s always taught me to see the good in everything, to turn everything back on itself until you find a positive. This applies to characteristics and traits too, my unwillingness to settle will get me places, I’ll experience, I’ll find new interests, passions, loves, I’ll learn and I’ll live, and if that’s what being restless gives me, then I’ll take that, I’ll take that and more.


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Hello, you!

Hi, I'm Beth I'm so glad to see you here!

For as long as I can remember I've kept a diary, journalling about the most riveting of topics ranging from Middle School crushes to the far-too spicy fajitas I'd had for dinner the night before.

I've always had a love for documenting every bit of my life - seemingly even the most mundane of experiences - alongside taking photos. You'll rarely see me without my camera in hand, or without a notebook and pen within easy reach.

This blog [Oh So Rosy] was born to curate a space where I can blend both passions together. The name was created after a lengthy brain-storming session in bed one morning. In short it encompasses a fierce positive perspective, to see the 'silver-linings' in each situation and to keep those 'rose-tinted' glasses firmly on.

Around here you'll find a mix of all things I love and snippets of my life. Whether that be adventures around the world; new recipes and home interior; or current thoughts and day-dreams.

I'm still very much trying to figure things out (isn't everyone?) in this weird yet insanely wonderful life, so I invite you to follow along this journey with me.

Wishing you a lovely day. Thanks for popping by.

Love, Beth ♡