To Be Vulnerable Is To Live

To be vulnerable, is usually seen as being weak.

But, I disagree. To be vulnerable is to be open – to feel, to welcome, to be strong.

Now, maybe to be open is to lack caution, maybe it’s illogical and a little reckless . But maybe not, maybe to be open is to live. Within my short life, I’ve certainly come to learn that it’s the moments that count, it’s the intense feeling of joy as you’re sat around a fire, huddled in sand dunes as the waves slowly surface the shore and your toes are tingling with the cold, it’s the feeling of being drunk on lust after the first date, it’s the euphoric feeling of dancing in Summer showers, barefooted and soaked in life and rain.

Life is magic, just allow it.

Have the strength to.

No matter how we go about our days, there’s one evident fact that no one regardless of their social status or authoritative position can avoid – death. So whilst we’re living this manic adventure why not feel all that is to feel? Why not be vulnerable, why not be raw, why not refuse to act with caution, why not get hurt, why not ache? Because if you go about life tip-toeing with fear of getting your heart broken, or wearing your heart on your sleeve, then your missing out on life itself. Call me silly, but I’d rather live fully in the moment, and act on my present feelings even if that means getting a little burnt.

It’s better to feel pain, than to feel nothing at all.

If there’s one thing my Dad’s taught me, it’s to do everything with your whole heart. I don’t intend to ever participate in anything half-heartedly.

Who ever get’s anywhere in life by playing on the safe side? Living a colourful life involves taking risks, it involved feeling, it involves being open.. involves being vulnerable, so be it.

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