Little Update


So, the year is almost out, November is here.

Clocks have gone back, and the nights have started drawing in. It’s time for quiet evenings, blankets, warm drinks and home-cooked comfort food.

We’re still currently in the midst of having building work done on the flat – painting, new doors, flooring, new kitchen etc. By the end of the month it’ll all be done (finger’s crossed..!) I’m so eager for it to be complete, we’re been acquiring furniture and particularly a load of soft furnishings since the beginning of Summer, so I’m keen to finally be able to properly unpack and decorate the place.

I’ve certainly realised what a ridiculously impatient person I am since doing the flat up. It was meant to be completed before my birthday (3 weeks ago), but things never quite go as planned, and hey that’s life! But in the couple of weeks where there was no work was being done, I got sooo fed up, it seems I like to see progress, even if that’s super slow progress, I like things to plod on in the right direction. One things for sure, once our washing machine, dishwasher and sink are plumbed back in, I’ll be super grateful – saying that our washing basket is over flowing would be an understatement, and washing up in the bathroom sink isn’t the most ideal. But hey, I’ve been treated to a lot of meals out this week, so there’s always a bright side, right!

Thing’s are looking up.

Since moving to Nottingham, we’ve enjoyed quite a few evening strolls along the river, the water at night looks beautiful with the reflection of the lights casting a muddy glow along the water. There’s some really sweet parks close by, me and Oliver spent Monday morning in West Bridgford. We had brunch in Cote, and then had a wander through the park afterwards. We sat on a park bench, and just watched. Sitting, and just observing, with no other intent or motive is something I don’t do enough of.

A mother sat on a picnic blanket with her two young children, eating sandwiches and on a mission to keep the little boy’s face clean. A dog walker who’d given up trying to catch her dog, the dog was having a blast – doing circuits of the park and hiding in the woodland. One cold-footed man, sporting flip-flops and shorts at the end of October, hats off to him.

I have Friday’s off of Uni (no complaints), Ollie’s at work and the the builders are in again today, so I’m taking today slowly. It’d midday and I still haven’t left the bedroom. The family are visiting later today, and my brothers and sister are staying for the weekend, for bonfire night!

Have a lovely day!

Beth x

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