Summer nostalgia

Hello my little sun-rays,

After browsing through some photo’s of the summer just gone, and reminiscing over the sunshine ( .. this may have been remembered in a rather rose-tinted way), and endless summer adventures, it came to my attention that summer had come and gone without me really chatting about it.

I officially finished my job (hallelujah!), at a kitchen/interior design company, mid-July, after that, I was free!
From that point, until starting Uni, I had off – no major plans, no work, no studying, no major responsibilities, it was fab.

I had 3 months, to do what the hell I wanted with.

And I wasn’t just letting those 3 months slip by without some kick-ass days being lived, and some vivid memories you end up reminiscing over, time and time again.

By the end of July, me and Ollie had headed off to Wales, and had no clue of exactly when we’d be back home.

My family own a caravan in Wales (Tywyn – between Barmouth and Aberdovey), so the majority of the time was spent on an air mattress in the lounge of the caravan, but those are the times you remember most fondly in the end, hey!

Ollie’s family also own a house in Abersoch, so we ended up spending time at both places, both seeing new places, which was really cool.

The days, whether they were full of the sunshine we’d hoped for, or not, were often spent with no structured plans, but full of spontaneity.

I’m not saying all days were full to the brim of adventure, nor that they were full of sunshine, some days were spent in rain-coats, in a cafe, drinking tea in town.
For those of you that live in the UK, shall know, that those who wait for good weather, would rarely ever get out.

There were some days of this summer, that I know, I’ll look back on in sixty years, and tell my children, and grand-children, stories about.

The days spent packing cheese sandwiches and a packet of crisps in the back of the car and labelling it a picnic, adding an extra scratch to my purple Peugeot because the tractor seemed a little too close and the wall seemed a little further away than it apparently was, driving until we find the perfect spot – next to the river, walking up waterfalls with inappropriate shoes on, meeting a little robin whilst eating cake outdoors at a tiny cafe, racing to watch the sun-set huddled in a sand dune on the beach because we left it almost too late..
These are the days.

The most vibrant of days.

We walked up water falls;
Went swimming in the ocean.. a lot;
Swam in rivers;
Climbed cliffs into hidden coves;

Visited beaches, lots of different beaches;

Took road trips through narrow country roads;

Ate sandwiches on a picnic bench beneath a mountain;
Camped beside the sea;
.. Got rained on, whilst camping, beside the sea;
Walked up a hill, in flip-flops;

Tried to walk to the top of the hill to visit a white promenade (?) but couldn’t find the way;
Walked to the top of the hill to visit a white promenade (success!);

Walked, a lot;

Ate a lot of ice cream;
Went for brunch in seaside cafe’s

Watched the sun set, a lot, but not enough;

Lay on a blanket beneath a meteor shower, beside a river;
Wished on plenty of shooting stars;
Visited an old castle;
Watched the sun rise over the mountains

Ate pasties and plums in a sand dune, whilst watching the sun set;
Listened to a lot of music;
Went on a ferry ride;
Strolls by the ocean at dusk;

Almost reversed back into a wall (goddamn the tractor, and my inability to drive well);
Sat on swings at night, chatting about nothing and everything;
Drank gin on a balcony;
ran down sand-dunes;
Browsed nik-nak shops;

Had a picnic beside the river;

Jumped off jetties (yeah, not me, I’m a wuss)
Dropped my phone down the loo in a pub;
Watched fireworks on the beach;
Had several beach bonfires;
Watched the moon rise;
Visited new places;

Visited old places;

Swam in blue lake;
Ate chips on the beach front;
Pulled over to admire the sun setting;
Read books, good books;

Sometime’s, looking back on times, and memories really emphasise their true value.

I’m such a Summer baby, Summer is by far my favourite month.. I say as I’m sat in Cafe Nero, in an oversized leather arm chair, drinking hot chocolate – what a contrast. I get so eager for Summer to come around by January – February!

Seriously, I swear I say this every year, but this summer was one of the best.. for sure!

For me, the fondest of memories tend to be created in Summer. The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and everyone just seems a little free-er, adventure awaits.

Maybe I’ll write some of my favourite memories up in a separate blog post 🙂

Til’ next time, Summer,

Love, as always,

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