Top Tips To Lift Your Mood

Hello lovelies,

Bad days are a given, and they happen to all of us. Whatever you’re feeling, whether that be a little low, in a rut, sad, feeling down, miserable, or just quite frankly a bit crap, those days happen every once in a while, and picking yourself up out of them is always a bonus.

Here are a few simple tips just to help brighten you’re mood. Let’s be honest here, none of what I’m about to tell you is special advice from an ancient guru, I’m pretty certain you’ll have heard it all before, but hey it’s just a friendly reminder, a little nudge – to help on them not so great days.


  • Get out of the house.
    Wherever you are, if you’re able to, then get out, even if it’s to sit in the garden, or go for a walk around the block, getting out is something I always try and make the effort to do if I’m not feeling too chirpy. Whilst you’re indoors, open the curtains and let the natural light in, it seems like common sense, but it’s not always the case. If I’ve spent quite a while alone in the flat, I always tend to feel a bit low by the second day.. cabin fever maybe? Sitting in a café for an hour, being around people, and just being in a different environment helps, trust me.


  • Put a good playlist on. 
    Turn the music up, loud. Play your favourite music on full, I tend to play a ‘happy playlist’ through my Alexa, or have some Andy Grammer playing throughout the house. If you’re out and about, plug your headphones in, zone out and get the good vibes flowing.


  • Have a cup of tea. 
    It’s such a British thing to say. But seriously, sit down, chill out, pour yourself a mug of your favourite drink.. whether that be tea, coffee, a chai latte or gin (why not?), use your favourite mug, and just focus on the warmth of the mug on your hands and the taste of the drink. My go-to is green tea, but indulging in a good chai latte, or hot chocolate and taking the time to froth the milk is good for the soul! It’s all about the simple things.


  • Sweat it out. 
    Okay, admittedly this is something I do less. Even though it’s one of the best things to turn to. If I’m feeling crappy, that usually means my energy levels are running low to, so the last thing I want to be doing is exercising. But we all know how good it is for us, seriously, it’s a saviour. Get them endorphins running, and I promise you’ll feel better for it afterwards. Just ten minutes will help – honestly.


  • Give the place a tidy. 
    Crazy I know. But we’ve all heard the phrase of ‘tidy space, tidy mind’, and it’s so true. Whatever room you’re sat in, if it needs neatening up, or a clean, then just do it. Put some music on – yes, that happy playlist, and get stuck into it. It always takes less time that you assume, and you’ll feel a hell of a lot better for it after. Not only is the end result guaranteed to satisfy, but it gets you up and moving too, it’s a win-win really!


  • Talk it out. 
    Whether that be through FaceTime, a phone call, or face to face, being in good company helps. If you’ve got something bothering you, then grab a friend, and get it off your chest – you’ll feel better for it after. Otherwise, I know personally being around people usually always lifts my spirits. If I can’t have a friend over for a natter and cup of tea (how middle-aged am I!?), which I often can’t with me living an hour away from most of my family and friends, then FaceTiming back home, or just a few texts back and forth helps.


  • Take a soak. 
    Bubble baths – I swear they’re the answer to everything? I love a good bubble bath, and why not go the whole hog.. you know, candles, lights dimmed, music on, face mask, a bath bomb, the whole shebang! If you don’t have a bath, then take a long shower, use your favourite shower gel and just zen out.


  • Read, write, or watch TV. 
    We can all get pretty caught up in our thoughts sometimes, and doing something to occupy your mind often helps. Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to start for months, get out your journal and spill your thoughts out onto the page, or put a good chick flick on and get totally absorbed in whatever you’re doing. Try not to let your emotions consume you.


  • Meditate. 
    No, this isn’t some ritual only participated by Buddhists high up in the Himalayan mountains. I’m not some doo-lally hippie, well not completely anyway, meditation is a tool and why not start the practice now? So many people have turned and are turning to meditation as a daily practice, with the likes of Hugh Jackman, Russel Brand, Madonna, Katy Perry and Ellen Degeneres have all been known to frequently benefit and sing it’s praises. It slows down the mind and has so many benefits on the body and mindset. We live in an incredibly fast paced world, and having the ability to slow things right down, and bring yourself back into the moment, is an incredible tool to have access to. I like to thing of it as pressing the reset button on the mind, it takes as little or as long as you like, and can virtually be done anywhere. I like to use guided meditations on the app ‘Calm’, or use timed background music. Checkout Mindspo for more information on mediation, and to have a look into courses, and retreats on offer, I’ve been following Rochelle and Chris for years now, and they’re two amazing souls!


  • Eat well 
    Another Cliché, I did warn you. But what you put into your body, you get out – that’s a given. Go have a smoothie, eat some porridge, make a stir-fry full of veggies, whatever you fancy – nourish your body, don’t underestimate the importance of that! In spite of that, if you’re fancying a tub of ice-cream, or a pizza, then don’t deny yourself of that, go indulge, eat that box of chocolates, it’s all about balance.


  • Stay Hydrated. 
    On a similar note as the tip above, drink that water! This is something I’m awful at, I always have been.. I remember as a child my parents would always nag me to drink more, whether that be water, juice anything! Take a bottle around with you, I find that if I’m carrying water with me, I’ll drink it. Infuse it with fruit or veggies, lemon, lime, blueberries, raspberries, cucumber, take your pick. Staying hydrated seems so irrelevant to feeling good, but our body needs water, we all know this, it helps you think clearer, reduces headaches and other aches and pains, helps you feel more awake and keeps you feeling alert, there are so many benefits – so stay conscious of your water consumption guys!


  • Make an effort with yourself 
    So my last tip  may seem a little self-absorbed and appearance based, but don’t judge yet. I personally find that when I’m feeling low and there’s no need for me to leave the house, I don’t bother changing out of my PJ’s, but this doesn’t always help things out. Don’t get me wrong, some days we just need a good ol’ sofa day, with unbrushed hair, a bare face and comfy clothes, and if that’s the case, then you just go ahead and do that! But like I’ve said previously, leaving the house can be good for the system, and heck no this isn’t me saying you need to look a million dollars to leave the house, but sometimes it helps. There’s days when I haven’t felt 100%, but have made the effort to do my hair, put some makeup on, and get dressed, and making the effort to look good usually correlates to feeling good. So, pull the jeans out that make your bum look good, put the winged-eyeliner on, and you’ll be looking just fine (and hopefully feeling just fine, too)!


And after all, just remember that tomorrow is a new day, and all will be well!

All my love,



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