Where’s My Life At?

Hello, hello!

Grab a cuppa’, let’s chat.

The last post I did specifically dedicated to a life update was November, so I think we’re due for another little life chat.

Christmas has long gone, Winter is still upon us, and I’m now in my second Semester at Uni.

Let’s start with Uni, shall we.
I often, as you’d expect, get asked by family and friends about Uni – “how’s it going?”, “How’s your course?” etc. and quite frankly, my response tends to very rarely differ, “It’s all fine.”
‘Fine’, what a dull word, right?

Honestly, nothing is going badly – the modules are fine, my grades are fine, it all just seems to be lacking a bit or lot, of the good stuff.. the passion if that’s what you’d like to call it.

My interests lie best in writing, story-telling, photography, being creative without limitation. Having a meaningful conversation with someone, rather than a 2 minute discussion with an uncooperative stranger I met in the street about debt or some other hot news topic. University doesn’t seem to feed all of that, and that’s just something I’m going to have to accept.

Is this how Uni is for everyone? (Seriously, a genuine question.)

On to something a little brighter – the house!

I think last time I chatted of this, we were either in the progress of getting work done, or it was almost finished?
Well Hallelujah, it’s all done!
There was a time when it felt like we would forever be living out of camp-chairs, and washing dishes in the bathroom sink, but everything is temporary right? Other than teeny-tiny jobs, like a little bit of tiling, and plastering, we’re out of the woods.
I seriously love our flat, we’re still getting there with decorating it, and adding the homey bits and bobs, but that’s the fun bit and you’ll be hearing no complaints from me.
In fact, I’ll add some pics of the flat, either in this post, or a following post, so you can have a little nosy.

Long gone are the days of microwavable meals and no furniture.

Saying this.. I actually think, looking back, living in the midst of the mess adds to half of the fun, it was an adventure – a good story to tell. & above all of that, it certainly makes you appreciate it all a whole lot more now. Silver Linings I tell you.

Living with Ollie is a dream, it feels like I’m having a sleepover with my best friend every night. But damn me, laundry is never ending I swear.

(There we go that was a little more enthusiastic!)

Hmm, what else is there to say.. If you’ve read my previous post, or follow me on Instagram, you’ll have struggled to miss the fact that I went on a little trip to Dublin. Everyone needs a little adventure every now and again, so that was a bundle of fun!

Me and Ollie have booked a Holiday away to Portugal in April, just a short one – four nights, but hell am I looking forward to it! We’re not expecting the temperature’s to be super high, but the area looks beautiful, and there’s some lovely boat trips and caves to see that I’m super eager for.

In all honesty, not a ton is going on in my life right now, which I’m actually gonna take as a good thing. I’m often not great at mundane, i usually get restless, but it’s necessary sometimes. It also means there’s no bad, and well, that’s always a bonus.

.. Oh! I’m also currently in the process of choosing where I want to spend my study abroad semester, which I’m super excited about.. I’ve narrowed it down to Brisbane and Sydney. Brisbane seem to have the best module options for my course, but I just can’t decide! Have any of you been to either, or got any advice on where I should pick? Please drop me a comment or message if you do (it’d be a massive help!)

See you all soon,

All my love,



  1. Ally Rudolph
    February 23, 2018 / 2:52 pm

    Your thoughts on Uni lacking the passion and deep meaning are spot on for me as well. My efforts seem to all be directed towards mindless or meaningless school work instead of the things I truly want to be doing. I feel a bit lost at times, but don’t know what I should or could be doing instead. Although studying abroad over here in England is helping that situation. New people, new places, more free time, more travel, more time to think and focus on myself and try new things, etc. So hopefully Australia will do the same for you! I’ve never been to Brisbane or Sydney, so I’m no help with that, but wherever you choose, I’m sure it will be amazing. I’ll be interested to read your blog posts and see your instagram pics from there!

    • bethanybirch
      February 23, 2018 / 6:11 pm

      I’m glad I’m not the only then, it helps not being totally alone, hey! Maybe it’s quite a common feeling? I totally understand what you mean, by the sounds of it, a change of scenery and being thrown into the unfamiliar sounds like exactly what you needed – a breath of fresh air. Fingers crossed it will do the same for me, it will sure be one hell of an adventure. It’s not 100% guaranteed I’ll be going yet, and it won’t be for another year.. but trust me, if I’m lucky enough to get the chance, my posts and Insta will be full of Aussie content haha. I hope you’re doing well, lovely! xx

      • Ally Rudolph
        February 23, 2018 / 7:09 pm

        For sure. I hope it all works out for you! And I am, thank you, you as well! 🙂

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