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* I did a poll on my Instagram (@bethany_birch – go have a nosy), asking whether you guys wanted this post, or ‘Where’s My Life At?’, the results came out pretty even (44%/56% in favour of this actually), so here you go – why not have both!
I posted my Life Update yesterday, so go have a read of that after if you’re interested 🙂 *

.. On a similar note, I love hearing your guys opinions/thoughts/feedback, so if there’s anything you wanna see more, or less of, then just get in touch! Otherwise, please feel free to just say hi, either via my Instagram or email (bethanygbirch@yahoo.com)

As the title says, I’m gonna be sharing my top five things I’ve been loving as of late. With it being early February, I guess the majority of the products will be things I’ve received for Christmas and am loving.

There’s gonna be no specific categories for this, just a mumble-jumble of goodies, so lets just get straight into it!

 1.       I’d been eyeing up oil diffusers for a while, and my sister treated me to one for Christmas. We’ve been using it almost daily, just add a few drops of your favourite essential oil/s and water, and you’re good to go. I like the fact you can choose to have lights on, or off with this too, as I find the lights a bit distracting if we have it in the bedroom. But yeah, all found 10/10 for this, loving it!
2.      Our Amazon Echo (gen. 2). Another Christmastreat off my parents for me and Ollie, and we’ve been loving it! My brother had the Echo Dot for his Birthday last June, so we were familiar with it and knew we were gonna find it super handy. It’s just so freakin’ convenient, whether it be to set timers for food in the oven, ask the weather, find out cinema times, or our main use – music. There’s no denying that they look pretty snazzy too, we got ours in the colour ‘Heather Grey’, which goes perfectly in our lounge. This was our main gift, and the priciest of my favourites, but we’re loving it and the novelty sure hasn’t worn off yet.
3.      With it still being cold outside, and the evening’s dark, a lot of the evenings lately have been spent on the sofa, under a blanket infant of the TV. I’m not actually a massive TV person, in contrast to Ollie who is a massive film fanatic, but we’ve both been loving the new episodes of ‘Grace and Frankie’, and powered through the new season in a few days. I started watching the show, ooh, ages ago now, after it was recommended to me by my friend Laura. It’s such an easy watch, but full of humour, and the characters are all loveable – Grace and Frankie are almost complete opposites, but basically become close friends after their husbands fall in love with each other, and the show begins from there. It’s well worth a watch!
4.      I’m constantly trying to become more aware of the amount of time I spend online.. specifically the use of my phone/social media. Ironic, considering I’m posting this online, I know. It’s crazy how sucked into the digital world we get, even whilst we’re in company of others, or outside, meaning we’re missing so, so much! Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from innocent in all this, I hold my hand up, I definitely spend too much time aimlessly browsing Instagram (my guilty pleasure!). I’ve recently downloaded an app called ‘Moment’, it’s free, and the aim of it is super simple – to tell you how long you’ve spent online. You have to keep the app running in the background, which I see as the main downfall, but not a massive one, but it adds up the amount of time you’ve spent on your phone. I’m pretty certain you can alter the settings so you can see how long you’ve spent where too, which is pretty handy. It’s scary how the minutes soon add up!
5.        I’ve been loving getting into Podcasts lately. I’ve often been choosing to listen to them over music on the bus journey to and from Uni, I find them really thought provoking and inspiring, I guess that’s usually the aim of them, so they’re doing their job right! Some of my favourites lately have been by: Your Own Magic, Optimal Living Daily, An Uncluttered Mind and The School of Greatness. ‘Your Own Magic’ is my newest discovery, Allie and Raquelle host the Podcast together and are two incredible women, their episodes are usually spent talking to other inspiring souls and delving into subjects such as astrology, destiny, meditation and hypnotherapy.. the girls are certainly onto something here! The School of Greatness is my oldest love of podcasts, I’ve been listening to episodes from Lewis for over a year, in fact I remember listening to an episode of his on a train journey to the South Coast in early 2016. Similarly to ‘Your Own Magic’, there are some incredible people that Lewis interviews, and discusses an array of matters e.g. reaching your full potential, mindset and spirituality, rituals for success – but ultimately it all comes down to bettering yourself. I seem to have a ton to say about podcasts, so maybe I should do a separate post on this? (Let me know if you’re interested!)
This is a little different to my usual posts, so let me know if you like me doing series like this, or what you prefer? I’m trying to expand a little on what I post, so all suggestions are welcome.

All my love – as always,




  1. February 21, 2018 / 5:48 pm

    You should 100% do a monthly favourites! Or at least quarterly or something, I love reading stuff like this (although it’s making me soooo close to buying an Echo, which is £90 I do NOT need to be spending!). These are definitely my favourite kind of posts though, it’s like sitting down with a cup of tea and having a chin-wag.

    P.S. In terms of podcasts, look at ‘Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People’ on Spotify. It’s my absolute favourite. Chris Gethard (a comedian) gets people to call in and they have an hour to talk about anything they want. Sex, religion, family, trauma, humour.. It’s honestly the best and there are already 100 episodes for you to peruse your way through. Best enjoyed on long car rides or in the bath with a G&T!

    Fab post as always, Chum. Xx

    • bethanybirch
      February 21, 2018 / 9:38 pm

      Oooh super glad you liked it, chum!

      I’m on it – monthly favourites shall be coming your way! Seriously, you need to get yourself an Echo, they’re so worth it (damnit – I should be encouraging you to save for a house..), go treat yourself.

      I’ve just had a bubble bath, and listened to the ‘Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People’ podcast, and who knew – I thought I recognised the name – I’d listened to them a while back, and looooved them, but I somehow managed to forget about them. They’ve got such a different vibe to most other podcasts.. there’s no boundaries, and with it being anonymous the callers are so honest. Thanks for reminding me of this gem you sunbeam! As you suggested – it was perfectly paired with a soak in the tub.

      Thank you, my loveliest of lovelies! (Your comment made my day) xxx

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