My Current Favourite Podcasts

I’m a massive fan of podcasts.

I love a good, thought-provoking podcast. But sometimes a good chatty, light-hearted episode is just what’s needed, too..

My favourites tend to come under the categories of ‘Society & Culture’ and ‘Religion & Spirituality’. I’m unashamedly a massive geek for anything about self-development and spirituality. I’m also pretty damn nosey, so I love getting an insight into someone else’s life, and general chit-chats.

Let’s get stuck in! Here are my current favourites:

1. The School Of Greatness – Lewis Howes. I mentioned a few podcasts in my ‘5 Things I’ve Been Loving‘ post, and this was one of them. It’s my oldest and truest love. I remember listening to this podcast on the train to Bournemouth back in 2016 and I’ve loved it ever since. Lewis interviews a wide range of guests, on a variety of topics from success and business building to the power of your brain and mindset. They’re brilliant.

2. Your Own Magic – Allie Michelle & Raquelle. Again, this has been mentioned prior, but I couldn’t do this post without highlighting this podcast. The two girls – Allie and Raquelle – are angels. They come across as the most gentle yet fierce girls, and I’m a massive advocate for the message they portray! The podcasts tend to focus on conversations with guest speakers who have expertise in areas such as meditation and hypnotherapy. I love listening to these podcast sessions because it shines a light on topics I otherwise probably wouldn’t have educated myself on, and I think it’s so important to be open minded and have a well-rounded knowledge on different topics, no matter how ‘airy-fairy’ or far-fetched some may seem. I personally have an interest in a lot of the topics Allie and Raquelle discuss, but even if you don’t, give them a go regardless .. like I say it’s good to keep an open mind.

3. Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People – Chris Gethards. I was actually reminded of this particular podcast series by my best friend. I had listened to episodes from this a while back, but lost it along the way. The idea of these episodes, is that an anonymous caller has a 50 minute phone call with Chris and discusses anything they desire. The beauty of this is the fact that the caller is entirely anonymous, and Chris takes a lot of care to avoid any information that could possibly lead to identifying them. The anonymity of this often creates for a very raw and vulnerable call, the caller tends to open up a lot as the conversation warms up and the natural rhythm of the call is found. There are now just over 100 episodes, so if you get stuck into these, you’ll certainly have enough to keep you entertained.

4. Happy Place – Fearne Cotton. First off, how can you not love Fearne? Her podcast episodes chats with people about their live’s and what happiness truly means to them. Her most recent guest was Dawn French, which I’m actually listening to as I write this! Her podcasts are super relaxed and causal, but she delves deep into the nitty gritty of peoples lives and keeps the perfect balance of light-hearted and inspiring yet raw and captivating.

5. An Uncluttered Mind – Warren & Betsy Talbot. The couple encapsulate the idea of ‘living your best life’ in every podcast episode. Their personal story itself, never mind the podcasts, is inspiring. They bring wisdom and use elements of their personal experiences to complement each episode. The episodes are full of truth-bombs and thought provoking ideas that focus on improving your life step-by-step and little-by-little. The perfect duo are realistic yet have an enthusiastic and upbeat manner about life.

Those are my top five for the moment. Let me know whether you want me to do a monthly update of these?

What are your favourite podcasts?Let me know in the comments below, or find me on Instagram. I’d love some new suggestions!

All my love,



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