My Top 10 Dream Travel Destinations

Since I was little I’ve always been dreaming of far away places.

I was lucky enough to visit Fiji and New Zealand with my family when I was much younger, and to date Fiji is still my favourite place to have ever stepped foot on.

This was my first ever real taste of travel – no holiday resort, no kids pool or all inclusive food. It was full of longer than anticipated road trips, driving around until we found a place to rest our heads for the night, new places, new people, we stayed in a lot of different places and a lot of different accommodation, the memories are sill vivid.

It was home to the friendliest of people, the warmest of waters and the most breathtaking of views.

Each trip I go on has me eager to fly off to some other unfamiliar land again. We live in a beautiful world with so much to be seen, it’s almost a sacrilege to not experience all that you can.

“There’s more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done” – good ol’ Lion King (credit goes to you Ol)

I often feel like knowing that I want to see the world, is the only thing I’m 100% certain of.. My friends seem to have similar feelings towards wanting a family, where as my baby fever seems to be taking a back seat for the time being .. which suits me just fine.

The excitement they get from browsing Mothercare is something that I can only compare to browsing Travel Agents, or Homesense – admittedly I love Homesense.

You’ll often find me browsing new destination’s on Pinterest, and enviously browsing the feeds of those ‘travel Instagrammers’ – you know the ones.

So it’s no surprise, that like the vast majority (I assume?) of us, I’ve got an extensive list of dreamy places I want to one day just sack it all off and go and explore.

I’ve compiled a list of ten places I’m desperate to visit, and trust me, limiting it to ten was difficult.

So here you go:

1.Thailand– Would this truly be a top travel destinations post if I didn’t include Thailand? As cliché as it is, you have to give credit to the place, it’s certainly well deserved! It only takes looking at an image of a sandy Thai beach for you to understand why so many people are eager to visit. Despite how stunning the beaches are, there is an endless amount that the country has to have to offer – the way of life is so vastly different to that of the UK, and the lifestyle is so much cheaper compared to the British cost of living. Whether it be beach huts, mountains, temples, or the City, there’s everything i could ever want.

2. Sri Lanka – Again, another common one. As well as travelling Sri Lanka, I’m also really keen to do some volunteer work here. The little island has got such a vast range of terrain, whether it be beaches or the rainforest, there’s so much to see. The culture of Sri Lanka is something that I’m eager to experience, but then again, I could say that about almost every country, hey. It’s famous for it’s ancient Buddhist ruins, and there’s no doubt they’d be spectacular to see.

3. Philippines – Are you seeing a theme yet? The scenery is beautiful, and the people are meant to be even more beautiful. Is there anymore really need to say?

4.Croatia– There are so many places close to home that are little gems. In fact refining all of the European countries down was really damn hard. Beautiful seaside villages, waterfalls, greenery, and blue-blue waters, dreamy. I feel like it’s a bit worthless me writing these summaries, why not just add a photo? They show you so much more.

5. Switzerland – Austria? Slovenia? Norway? Ugh this one was a toughie. After visiting the Alps in Germany I fell head over heels in love with them. I’ve always been impressed by mountainous terrain, just on a superficial level – they’re just bloody impressive. But the most impressive mountain terrain I’d seen before the alps were Welsh mountains, and not to totally disregard the views in Wales (I’m still a bit fan, don’t you worry Mr. Cadair Idris), but the alps, as expected, totally trumped them.. it was just a given! If I’m going to be totally honest, I didn’t think I’d love the alps as much as I did, but oh boy was I wrong, I’ve been eager to go and stay in the mountains ever since. So, yes, admittedly the Swiss Alps are a massive part of my dream to visit Switzerland, but the little lanes, and sweet villages, there’s so much more than the mountain range.

6. Hawaii – Aloha! (..really Beth, really?!), admittedly this has definitely been romanticised in big tropical scenes from movies, but there’s some reality behind the hula dancing and flower lei’s. The city of Honolulu, doesn’t appeal quite as much as the islands of Maui and Kauai. I crave for blue waters, lush greenery, mountains and friendly people, Hawaii has it all (or so it seems) ticked off. I would love to take a helicopter ride over one of the Hawaiian Islands one day.

7. Madagascar – isn’t Madagascar now almost entirely associated with the film? Madagascar is also another place I’ve looked at doing some volunteer projects in. There are so many national parks and reserves that I’d love to visit, rainforests and reefs full of so many different species of animals. Madagascar is full of all things tropical.

8. New Zealand – I mentioned earlier that I’ve actually visited New Zealand before, but there’s so much left to be seen, and I was a lot younger on my last visit, so I’d love the go again. I remember loving the island, and I’m certain that I’d fall even more in love on return. We only explored areas of the North Island, so I’d also love to take a trip to the South Island. Both islands are so beautiful, but full of differences. The people here were also so helpful and friendly, everyone we met was so welcoming. I’d also love to take a cheeky trip over to Fiji again, it’d be rude not to considering I’d be so close! I’d love to show Ollie both New Zealand and Australia, and experience it all together.

9. Maldives – what a dream. The Maldives are my perfect honeymoon location. I lie, The Maldives are my perfect location, full stop. Just absolute bliss, especially those incredibly luxurious, and expensive, huts above the water .. could I be fantasising any more?! Other than the damn little nippy sharks, there’s nothing not to love.

10. Australia – Would this list be complete without it? I’ve mentioned in my previous posts that I’m actually hoping to do a semester abroad here, fingers crossed! What hasn’t this place got – seriously?! The beaches, the weather, the people, the massive brunch culture, the adventure sports, the easy-going lifestyle, the cities, the views – but it’d be cruel for me to limit a country to labels. There are so many places I’m keen to visit in Oz.. Fraser Island, Byron Bay, Melbourne, Sydney, Bondi Beach, Brisbane, but I’m far more excited about seeing the Country through my own eyes rather than via images off a screen, and to explore everywhere that’s not recommended on travel pages and in the pages of tourism books.

11. Greek Islands well I’m cheating big time with this one, for two reasons, 1. I was meant to stick to 10 destinations, and I’ve gone and popped in an 11th 2. I’ve covered a lot of islands with the label of the ‘Greek Islands’, but hey-ho, my hands are up, now let’s move on. The only Greek Island I’ve visited is Crete, which I loved, but there’s so much more to see! I’d love to Island hop, from island to island and spend time exploring what each place has to offer. Greece is beautiful, and each island has its little quirky differences.

Okay, I’m finally done!

I’m only just scratching the surface with these picks, I always find that when visiting a new place, some of the highlights of trip usually end up being those unplanned days, or the days where you go ‘off the beaten track’, and scrap the tourist advice, so in summary, that’s always what I’m most excited for – but every country has it’s must-see places, and they deserve as much appreciation too.

It’s a truly wonderful world we live in.

What are some of your dream destinations?

All my love,


All images used are from Pixabay

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