My 30 Before 30 List

Hello you lovely bunch,

I’ve recently seen a few ’30 before 30′ videos on YouTube, so I thought hey, why not?!

It’s pretty self-explanatory, I’m going to list thirty things I want to achieve by the age of thirty, they’ll be put into sections of: Life, Work, Play.

I’m only twenty, so I’ve almost got ten years to complete the list.. so fingers crossed.

* I’m attempting to cross these off as and when!


1. Live abroad. (Melbourne Feb – June 2019).

2. Go Inter-railing around Europe for at least two weeks

3. Travel, travel, travel – for at least 8months (non-stop) to all of the places listed here, and more. (this is probably my biggest goal).

4. Move from Nottingham and purchase a (family) home.

5. Have a cat!

6. Be starting or have started a family. – if the times right.

7. Get married on a beach. – again, if the times right.

8. Volunteer.

9. Treat my family (this covers a lot of grounds, but I’ll know when I’ve accomplished that one).

10. Create a piece of artwork and have it framed and hung in my house.


1. Be doing a job absolutely love.

2. Have a column in a magazine or, have my work published in a magazine. (..Or create my own magazine!) (Abersoch Life – Spring Issue 2020!)

3. Be doing some, if not all, freelance work.

4. Write a book (it doesn’t need to be published – just started)

5. Have been to a professional/business photoshoot (not necessarily as me as the subject, but to see ‘behind the scenes’)

6. Have started my own business, no matter how small.

7. Have my own art/work/studio place – whether this be an office at home, or elsewhere.

8. To inspire, encourage or influence.. to have created something that I feel adds meaningful value to at least one persons life.

9. To have a podcast with my best friend, or to have been a part of a podcast episode.

10. To have travelled abroad as part of my job.


1. Go on a hot air balloon ride

2. Learn to meditate – properly.

3. Go on a helicopter ride. [Have now done this twice – once in Melbourne over the Grand Prix track in March/April 2019 and in Snowdonia in September 2019).

4. Take a photography course.

5. Learn a new language .. or at least attempt (I’ve always been awful at picking up new languages)

6. Learn calligraphy, well.

7. Go scuba diving. [scuba dived/attempted but got very freaked out so wasn’t down for long … at the Great Barrier Reef in June 2019].

8. Have my own little veg patch.

9. Cut my hair short.

10. Learn yoga properly – go on a yoga/wellness retreat.

(I feel like the list for ‘play’ is rather endless.. I could have added at least another 10 more .. e.g. Go on holiday with my Mum and Sister.. Specifically to New York, read all of the books on my bookshelf plus more, go abroad with my best friend.. yeah, you get the jist).

Regardless of your age, what are some things you have on your bucket list?
Dream Big!
.. For you create your own reality. 

All my love,


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