The Power Of Gratitude

‘Gratitude’ – the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

It’s such a simple thing, is being grateful, but it has so much power.

I put a lot of importance behind being grateful, and truly believe that it’s something that we should incorporate into our everyday lives.

But not just when things are going smoothly, and life’s a bed a roses. I find it’s actually far more important to express gratitude when things aren’t going so swimmingly, or better yet.. when you’ve hit rock bottom.

Cultivate gratitude & create happiness.

That’s when it’s most crucial to search that little further and dig just that little bit deeper, to find those things in life that you really are thankful for, and these can be the simplest of things, and quite frankly seem quite meaningless.

Let’s give you a little anecdote to get the ball rolling.. you’ve been lazy and haven’t kept on top of the pile of dirty dishes, or you’ve had a dinner party and the dishes have rapidly accumulated, you’re dreading washing them all. Wait that’s not all, on top of this, your dishwasher’s broken and god almighty so has your boiler. You now have a ridiculously large pile of dishes to clean, no hot water, no dishwasher, and you cooked sausages on the grill tray .. with no tin foil. Okay, that’s a very exaggerated example, but listen me out here.. honestly, what truly do you have to be grateful for? That’s not rhetorical, I genuinely want you to create a mental gratitude list for this situation.

Okay, done?

So.. there’s the fact you have dishes to serve food up on, as well as cutlery, the fact you have hands to wash up with, running water, a dishwasher that can be fixed, a group of friends who are willing to come for a dinner party, a kitchen to cook in, a sink to wash up in, the hope of warm water soon.. you get the jist?

There are moments when we all despair, and if you’re anything like me, often it’s the accumulation of the little things that end up getting to me the most. Especially with a good dose of those dreaded hormones added to the situation too – never a good mix.

But it’s so important to take a step back and analyse the moment for what it is. When you’re not feeling all too great, or things are a little less than dandy, make a mental list of the good stuff.

Let’s be honest here, I’m no saint and it’s more than likely you’re not either. I’m not going to make out that I have it all figured out I stick to my own advice all of the time. I certainly don’t! So here’s a reminder to not only you, but also me, to make more of an effort with noting all that we should be grateful for – let’s make a habit of it.

One thing I find particularly beneficial, but don’t do half as much as I should, is to dedicate a notebook as a gratitude journal. Write down as few or as many things you’re grateful for, I usually aim to do 5 or 10, and really mean it. Why are you grateful for it? Don’t just write it, think it, believe it and truly show gratitude for it. I find it best to allocate a time for this either in the morning or before you sleep. Make it part of your morning/nighttime routine.

E.g. Today I am grateful for the bed I sleep in, as not everyone has something as simple as the comfort of a bed at night.

I’m partly writing this as a reminder to myself, so I can hold myself accountable to creating a much more cemented habit of using gratification and dedicating time to writing my gratitude list .. so let’s see how well I do at this, hey!

Give gratitude some time – you owe it to yourself.

So, what are you grateful for today? It can be as simple or extravagant as you like. There are no rules! Run free.

Stay thankful.

All my love,



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