What is freedom?

~ The state of not being imprisioned or enslaved.
The state of being unrestricted and able to move easily. ~

I think the term ‘freedom’ is very personal and means something different to each and every one of us.

It’s likely that you’ll have noticed the emphasis that is given to being free. With so much pressure being allocated to getting a job and working you’re way up the career ladder, the rat race seems to be never ending.

But what does being free really mean?

Are you really free?

And if not, how do you become free?

There’s no right answer .. therefore there’s also no wrong. It’s incredibly subjective. But one thing I truly believe is that ‘freedom is a state of mind’ (Walter Mosley). Your mind is a powerful tool and given the chance has the ability to create your own personal nirvana. Learn to use it, and use it wisely.

For me, a large part of feeling free, is the realisation that we are ultimately attached to nothing. It’s accepting and embracing that all that you once thought, isn’t necessarily true. Almost everything is temporary and is fluid by nature. Let go of those thoughts ingrained into you so deeply – you know the thoughts. Those thoughts that suffocate you with the idea that society traps you, that your job is all you have, that your dreams are slowly but surely fading away no matter how hard you try to repeatedly grasp at them. Let it all go. Don’t give up.

These are not your own thoughts, they’re custom made by society and spoon fed to you. Spit it out.

You determine your reality, so create it.

There are rules and regulations, but at what point did you agree to the terms and conditions? There was no mandatory contract you signed at birth .. despite what others may encourage you to believe.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve grown up in the same world as you, I know the drill – education, career, death – but to be quite frank .. I neither agree with it or enjoy it. There’s far too much to life, please don’t settle. I’m sure there’s some of you reading this with mixed emotions, your thoughts and feelings just don’t align up to what I’m preaching. If those are your own constructed opinions, you totally stand by them and live your life accordingly – with love and enjoyment – then that is perfectly fine by me!

It’s okay to doubt, doubt is good, it shows that you’re re-evaluating and questioning. We’re human, and that’s one of the many, many perks – so relish in it! Doubt is the lack of knowledge, it’s shows uncertainty and allows for questions to arise. It creates curiosity, and that’s incredible. Always stay curious! Let curiosity drive you.

I’m aware that there are ‘ways of life’ and expectations and perhaps I seem naïve considering I’m only twenty, but I beg to differ. Granted – there are certain things that are unavoidable in life – having a national insurance number, being in some sort of education system as a child etc. But these do not determine your freedom.

Almost everything in life is a choice, whether you realise it or not. Your specific lifestyle often dictates specific decisions and expectations. So take a step back and analyse your life – what can you change, what are you truly deciding and what are you letting others decide for you?

Focusing on things that are impossible or at least near impossible to alter creates a negative mindset, it’s toxic and leaves you feeling disheartened and trapped. So focus on all that you are able to change, focus on all of your choices and decisions – all that sets you free.

Don’t make excuses or create distractions.

Live your best life!

All my love,




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