Day 2: Alvor, Portugal

I’m sat out on our balcony in a towel as the afternoon sun basks onto my bare skin – bliss.

We’re now on our third day in Portugal and the weather is far better today than it was yesterday ..

We awoke to rain yesterday – the unforgiving relentless kind. So the morning was spent feasting on the buffet breakfast and spending time in the indoor pool and sauna, we had a ton of fun (as always!).

Luckily by early afternoon the rain had eased off and the sun was making every effort to break through the clouds.

We wanted to head into Alvor for an early dinner and mooch around, so headed up to our rooms after a good pool and sauna session to shower away the chlorine and get ready for dinner.

Other than taking a slight ‘detour’ into Alvor, and it taking a little longer to walk into the town than anticipated, the stroll into town was lovely. We ate at an Italian restaurant called ‘Pepperino’ and were damn impressed! The service, as it always seems to be abroad, was incredible and the food was just as good. Win-win!

We ended up marching back to the hotel as the temperature had dropped and the rain seemed to start just as we left the restaurant .. typical. Although we did take shelter under some sort of disused roof area (?) and were treated to the view of the evening sun over the harbour – magic.

The ocean was calling for a night time stroll along the beach. So we grabbed a jumper and headed outdoors. We sat upon the board walk, chatted for a while, admired the night sky and waves lapping upon the shore then headed back up to the room. There really is just something about the sea, hey.

We caught up on an episode of Designated survivor back in our room (if you haven’t seen the series on Netflix you need to!!) and flaked out.

Top day!

~This was meant to be posted yesterday, but I arrived home too drunk from the complimentary glasses of port we had with our meal, it really doesn’t take much haha, and Ollie forbade me from writing any more of this .. my bad.~

All my love,

As always,



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