My Top 10 In Flight Travel Tips

Before I get started, I want to address the fact that I am definitely not an experienced traveller – far from it. But in the few flights I’ve done as an ‘adult’ (about 12), I’ve picked up a few little tips and tricks to make flying that little bit easier.

So here you go:

1. Carry a water bottle with you.

Yes, you can’t take a water bottles worth of water through security. But that doesn’t mean you can’t empty it out beforehand and take it through. I’m yet to find an airport that doesn’t have water facilities after security, so just fill it up straight after going through. It saves buying a load of water bottles whilst away or in the airport, and keeps plastic waste down – you’re killing two birds with one stone.

2. Take food.

So up until recently (5 days ago), I didn’t even realise you could take food trough security (?) I have no clue why I had that in my head. But you can – what a game changer! Whilst flying the other day I noticed that passengers on the seats next to us had packed sandwiches with them. Next time I fly I’m packing a lunch with all the works! It avoids paying extortionate prices for food in the airport or on the plane (I paid £7 for a baguette at Dublin airport – ridiculous!), brill idea.

3. Wear layers.

I don’t know about you, but I can never predict the temperature on the plane. Some flights I’ve been boiling and have had the air con blasting on me for the whole flight in the futile attempt to cool me down .. it didn’t work. Other flights I’ve been freezing. So wear/pack a few different layers, heck even pack a blanket if needs be.

4. Keep passports and boarding passes in one place.

This seems incredibly simple and straight forward, I know. But I’ve been behind plenty of people in the queue who’ve been fumbling for their passports or boarding passes and holding everyone else up. You don’t wanna be them. So make sure they’re at easy reach – and together! If I’m using my boarding pass on my phone, then I always carry a paper copy with me too.. you just never know! You can never be too safe.

5. Reserve your seat.

This is slightly dependant on whether you’re travelling solo or with others. If I’m travelling alone, I’m usually less bothered about what seat I get, unless I’m particularly bothered about a window seat (I’m a sucker for a window seat). But I’ve been in situations where we haven’t reserved seats and have all been split up.. I mean it has its perks, I ended up meeting a lovely family who I chatted to for most of the flight, but that’s not always the case. Reserving your seat is usually pretty cheap too so unless you’re consciously travelling super cheap then you have no excuse. So if you’re more comfortable sat next to your buddies, then reserve.

6. Pack plastic plates/cutlery.

This perhaps seems a little bizarre, but hear me out. If you’re not staying self-catering, then it’s very unlikely you’ll be provided with cutlery/plates/food preparing facilities in your room. I kid you not when I say we’ve ended up preparing sandwiches on top of books and spreading butter with the back of a spoon on this holiday .. classy I know. Having a plate and knife feels like a luxury, let me tell you. It means that you’re not totally dependant on eating out all of the time and keeps you from spending a ton.

7. Pack headphones.

Planes are not the quietest is places. Whether it be crying babies or the buzz of the engine, there’s always some noise. Having an escape from that can be a life saver at times, so get your headphones packed.

8. Get all of your toiletries packed away beforehand.

Unless you totally forget, or realise at last minute you don’t have any of those clear bags needed to pack your toiletries into, get them all packed beforehand. You don’t need to be fumbling around with it all at security. In fact while you’re at it, why not put them all in one place? Pack your toiletries/hairdryer/laptop/straighteners etc. In your handbag so you can easily grab them at security. Stay organised & be prepared!

9. Travel light.

I’m slowly getting better at this. But I’m still learning.. Honestly it makes everything so much easier, packing at both ends is less of a chore and you’re lugging a lot less around. Be realistic with what you actually need because 3 pairs of sunglasses and 6 pairs of shoes for a 4 night break is probably excessive, right? You don’t want to be missing out on stuff when you arrive, but plan your outfits, then add a few items incase the weather becomes unpredictable. Done!

10. Relax.

Flying is fun, I absolutely love it – but I know not everyone feels the same. Try and stay calm, listen to some relaxing/meditation music or podcasts and try and nap. If you’re a fan of flying and it’s daytime then do not neglect the fact that you have an incredible view out of your window!

Oh and a little extra tip .. check your surroundings when leaving the plane! Ollie very almost left his passport on the plane last time.

That’s a wrap guys!

Have a lovely day and safe travels if you’re off on an adventure anytime soon.

All my love,



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