My April Favourites

Hey lovelies,

I wrote a post back in February on things that I’ve been loving and with us now nearing the end of April, I thought that it was about time I updated that list.

Similar to my last favourites post, there will be no specific categories – just things that I’ve been using a lot recently and loving.

Let’s get stuck in:

So this isn’t a new thing, I’ve been into photography since I got my first camera (a silver secondhand digital that I absolutely adored) when I was about 8. I’ve just always loved taking photos and capturing moments. But I’ve gotten super into it lately, perhaps it’s since my Portugal trip earlier this month? If you read my 21 before 21 post you’ll know that I’d like to take a photography course at some point this year.

Tropic Skincare
I’m planning on dedicating another post entirely to this, but I’ll give you a brief overview here because I couldn’t leave this brand out. My Mum has recently starting selling these products (I know what you’re thinking – my opinion is therefore obviously entirely biased and exaggerated), but honestly, hand on heart – I adore these products. As much as I love my Mum, and obviously want to support her 1. I’m a student so there’s no chance I’m spending my money on something I don’t love 2. I’d be entirely honest, with her and you guys, on whether I actually liked the brand .. there’s also no chance my Mum would support a brand that she doesn’t love.
Anyway moving on from that little disclaimer .. I started using some products from the Tropic skincare range about 8 weeks ago now and absolutely love it, my skin seriously has never felt better. I use the cleanser, toner, moisturiser and skin elixir and there’s no chance of me reverting back to my old skincare products. I’ve also just started using some of the items from the makeup range and have now switched my usual daily makeup products with the Tropic. There’s a ton I could say here and I’ve already said enough but just to give you a little back story on the brand, they’re totally vegan and cruelty free and all of the products are natural and derived from natural ingredients (win-win right?!). What you put on. your skin enters your body, so be mindful. 

Pineapple juice
Slightly different fave here, but whilst Holidaying in Portugal me and Ollie drank a lot of pineapple juice. There’s not much else to elaborate on, just that I love it really.

Lush bubble bar
I’m yet to try a Lush product that I dislike. But the Lush Comforter is one of my all time favourites. It makes the bath super bubbly, smells amazing and tinges the water pink.. could you ask for anything more? Our immersion heater has actually broken recently, so I’m waiting on that to be fixed to return to my regular bathing basically every day ritual. Although with the weather slightly improving recently I’m certainly not craving them like in Winter.

Sensodyne Toothpaste
This one may seem a little bizarre but my family always joke about the fact that I could be a sales woman for Sensodyne toothpaste I’m that enthusiastic about it. If you suffer from sensitive teeth, then you need Sensodyne. Whenever I switch to any other brand of toothpaste for a short while, I can always tell and revert straight back to my trusty Sensodyne! To be quite frank there isn’t a load to say about it, it just works really damn well and keeps me from getting super sensitive teeth, it’s my go-to toothpaste.

Calvin Klein underwear 
This actually isn’t just an April favourite, I’ve been loving these for months, but I thought they deserved a place on here anyway. I’d been wanting to buy some CK underwear for years before I actually made the purchase.. and let me tell you I had been missing out prior! Comfiest underwear I have ever worn. Ever. Girls, if you don’t own a set, go and treat yourself – it’s a must.

The One Memory of Flora Banks – Emily Barr 
My sister lent me this book and I read it within two days. Ollie completely lost me to this book, I couldn’t put it down! To give you a brief summary of the book, it’s about a girl called Flora that suffers from amnesia, meaning that she can’t remember anything day-to-day. Until she gets kissed one night and she remembers it.. The book then continues to tell the story of her dedication to finding the boy and her solo trip to Norway. Emily Barr is now one of my favourite authors and I’ve already purchased another one of her books.

George Ezra’s new album
I’ve always been a fan of George Ezra, partly because my youngest brother has always loved him.. So many a car journeys have been accompanied with his albums played on repeat. But I may go as far as saying that his new album – Staying at Tamara’s, is his best yet. One of my closest friends (she’ll know who she is if she’s reading this) suggested that I listen to the song ‘Shotgun’ off his new album, because it reminded her of me (so sweet!) and Summer, and I’ve totally fallen in love with it.

Happy – Fearne Cotton
If you read my blog post about my favourite podcasts you’ll have noticed that I included Fearne’s podcast – Happy Place in the list. I love her podcasts so it came as no surprise that I love her book too. I’m yet to actually finish it, it’s a super easy read about her experiences with both happiness and the darker periods in her life and her advice. It’s really heart-warming, and I’m reading the whole book in Fearne’s voice (I blame the podcasts, haha – but it’s certainly not a bad thing). I 100% recommend it!

Designated Survivor (Netflix) 
I’ve watched this for some time, but the most recent episodes have just started coming out (they’re now out weekly – every Thursday). So me and Ollie are back to keeping up to date with the series each week and I’m loving it! (This has actually just reminded me, another episode has come out tonight!) I’m not usually one for series based on political events, but this has completely changed my opinion on them. I’m not going to go super into it, just take my word that it’s damn good. If you’re looking for another series to watch – give this one a go!

So that’s it for this month folks.

I hope you’ve had, or are having a lovely day!
Speak soon.

All my love,


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