The Magic Of Portmeirion

If you’ve recently wandered the cobbled paths of the Italian inspired village that is Portmeirion, you’ll know the magic that inevitably encompasses you.

Meander through the pastel-coloured houses and immaculately attended-to gardens, and you’ll feel as though you’ve been teleported to a sweet village far, far away from the Welsh coast where Portmeirion is home to.

Whether it be a day basking in the wonder of an architect with a passion he set his heart and soul to; wandering the sweet streets while browsing quaint shops and stopping for a well deserved ice cream in the sunshine; a day walking the woodlands stretching up from the beachside; or spending the afternoon beside the sea – Portmeirion has something to offer for all.

The town itself is bursting with history, the story goes that a man called Sir Clough Williams-Ellis created the village. From a very young age Clough had a keen interest in architecture and from there came the dream of creating his own town.
After a piece of land, home to overgrown weeds and a large mansion, came up for sale on the North coast of Wales, Clough saw the potential, it was perfect for his venture – the land was sold.
Clough spent thousands re-erecting and importing old buildings to create the beauty that stands proud today. He poured his love into his lifelong vision, in 1976 the village was said to be done after Clough worked on making his ambition a reality throughout two phases – 1925 to 1939 and then again from 1954 to 1976.

Gain more insight into the history of Portmeirion by visiting here

Fun Fact — The television series ‘The Prisoner’ which was a surreal spy based drama in the mid-sixties was also set in Portmeirion, and was referred to as ‘The Village’.

Inspired by the character ‘number. 6’ from ‘The Prisoner’, the annual festival ‘no.6’ is held at Portmeirion in September – this year the event is running between the 6th-9th September. Find more info out here.

One hot July day became home to our (almost) annual visit to Portmeirion, picnic hamper in car and summer dress on, we – myself, Ollie and Lorna (my sister – headed an hour up the coast to complete our day trip.

Once stepping into Portmeirion, you enter a vastly different environment to that of the Welsh town, Porthmadog, merely a ten minute drive away. We set base for our picnic beside a water fountain, with the beauty of the colourful cafes and houses – now used as accommodation for guests – within view.

With full stomach’s and being blessed with the intense summer sun, we then aimlessly wandered the cobbled avenues and stopping every few steps to take photographs of views of the estuary, and Italianate buildings.

We spent the remainder of the day at the beach, which is only accessible to guests of Portmeirion, or by boat – meaning that the beach is always blissfully quiet. Enjoying the cool of the sea water, we spent hours swimming in the estuary beside the beach, before finding a hidden gem of a nature-made lagoon.

With both our phones and watch packed away in bags, well away from the elements of the beach, time passed us by quickly. Those sweet summer days, where time gently eases by, as it should, the minutes passing like waves kissing the shore.

We ended up asking passersby the time, due to Portmeirion closing at 7pm in the Summer season, with half an hour left until needing to leave we quickly dried off and waved goodbye to the village.

Until next year.


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