August Favourites

August has been and gone, it was home to some disappointing weather – what happened to the glorious heatwave that June and July blessed us with? – and lots of bar work. As well as Summer adventures, time spent with the family and a Wedding.

So here are some things I’ve been loving this past month:

  • Small Great Things – Jodi Picoult. I absolutely love this book, not because I found it a real page turner although don’t get me wrong – you become incredibly invested in the characters and the outcome, but I love it because of how eye opening I found it. In summary, the book is written around the issues of racism and allows you to gain a more direct insight and perspective into such issues. The author writes in a manner that balances fiction and educative/information writing perfectively. It’s certainly changed my perspective towards racism in the modern-day world, it’s incredibly thought provoking and leaves you seeing differently – Jodi Picoult has done an outstanding job.
  • Acrylic Painting – I used to love painting back in High School/College, however after sitting my art exam in College, I feel like the whole fun of art and creating for pure pleasure rather than an A Level result was taken away. I’ve only recently picked up a paintbrush since my A Levels, and have found a new love for it. I’ve tried different mediums in the past and always come back to acrylic’s, however I’m planning on testing a few more out again soon!
  • The sea – we’ve now been living by the beach (a 5-10 minute drive away) for 2 months, and as expected myself and Ollie have both been loving it. Having a bad day? Head to the sea. Sun’s out? Head to the sea. Need to clear your head? Head to the sea. Need some fresh air? Head to the sea? Want a good walk and a picnic? Head to the sea. I love the sea.
  • Photography – this is something I’ve always loved, however, in my free time this month and last I’ve started experimenting more and getting to know my camera better.
  • My Bee Pj’s – I did a little Forever 21 shop a bit ago, and these were included in the shop, there’s not much to say about them other than there just super cute and super comfy.
  • Tropic Suncare – I’m actually planning on dedicating a whole post to this soon, but when the sun has shown – which hasn’t been too often this month – I’ve been using Tropic suncream and love love it. No nasties, water resistant, lasts for hours and no sun burn in sight. No complaints.
  • Mission Impossible: Fallout – We went to watch this at our local cinema (The Magic Lantern) when we had an evening off of work last week and LOVED it. Ollie had very conveniently bought all 4 other mission impossibles the week before so (between naps) we’d watch the previous films again before heading to see the most recent. It’s chocka with action and has you tense throughout the whole film, that mixed with the inevitable storyline and emotive scenes makes for a fab movie.
  • Dark chocolate with raspberry (from Co-op) – I feel like this is perhaps a limited edition product.. I’m really hoping not.. but it’s absolutely delicious. It’s from there ‘truly irresistible’ range and it certainly lives up to its name! Ollie bought it on a whim for me when I was craving some chocolate (what’s new?) and I ~fell in love~ I’m just hoping they continue it! The dark chocolate and orange bar is also amazing — 10/10 there Co-op.
  • .. And that’s it for August guys! This summer was focused on the simple things – walks on the beach, car journeys with good songs, bubble baths, bare feet, exploring new places and family. We’ve both been working a fair few hours recently, and buying very little so the majority of my ‘favourites’ aren’t recent purchases, as quite frankly we just haven’t made any. Save save save .. Australia we’re coming for you!
  • See you soon,
  • Beth xx
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